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Last Epoch: Liath and Thetima Quest Guide

Talk to Liath and Yulia and finish the Liath and Thetima quest!




Last Epoch has a lot of quests to complete, some longer and harder than others. Quests can be hard for a variety of reasons, but some are just long and have a lot of tough enemies. One such quest is Liath and Thetima. 

Liath and Thetima Quest Guide

The Liath and Thetima quest requires you to find Architect Liath, by heading past Lake Liath. Then, you have to head to Thetima and talk to Yulia. By focusing on completing all the objectives one by one, we should be able to get through the quest relatively easily. 

The first objective is to Head West through Lake Liath. Thankfully, we don’t have to spend hours wading through the lake itself. There’s a structure above it that we can go through. You can find a lot of different loot here, so be sure to explore every nook and cranny!

Head West in Last Epoch

There’s also a lot of enemies here, so be sure to be leveled up and stocked up on resources. Defeat them and move on. 

Combat in Last Epoch

Eventually, you’ll reach Liath’s Road. You’ll see that the objective Head West through Lake Liath will be checked, while another one will appear in its place. This one is simply just Fight through the invasion forces

Liath's Road in Last Epoch

This part of the quest is just a survival gauntlet, all you have to do is stay alive and beat all your enemies until the objective is complete. Once done, you’ll see a Portal open up. Architect Liath will come out of a portal, and you have to go talk to her to progress the quest. 

Portal in Last Epoch

After the conversation, you’ll need to head to Thetima. Once you reach it, you have to talk to Yulia. She can be found right in front of the entrance, it’s impossible to miss her. Start a conversation with her. 

Yulia in Last Epoch

That’s all you need to know in order to finish the Liath and Thetima quest in Last Epoch. It’s a bit long and has a lot of combat encounters, but other than that, it’s a fun quest.

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