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Last Epoch: How to Level Up Your Alts Quickly

Boost up your new characters as fast as possible!




Last Epoch has so many classes and potential builds that it just invites you to create alts, which you will want to level up quickly to match your main character.

Sadly, there’s no mechanic to instantly boost your new characters up to your main’s level or anything like that. Instead, you’ll need to work level up normally… though there are ways to alleviate the issue!

In this guide, we’ll give you tips and tricks to help you level up your alt characters as fast as possible.

How to Level Up Your Alts Quickly

Use Your Stash and Crafting

Last Epoch: How to Level Up Your Alts Quickly - Stash and Crafting

One of the biggest advantages your alts will have over your main character is access to the Stash and crafting materials.

You can use the Stash to transfer items between your characters, which allows you to give your new characters an edge early on. Give them strong low-level equipment from your main!

As for crafting, the crafting materials are shared across all your characters. That means you can use all your Affix Shards, Runes, and Glyphs you accrued with your main and other alts!

Crafting interface in Last Epoch

Make good use of the crafting system and the shared materials to give yourself an edge, making the leveling process easier.

This can also make it easier for you to get items that can help you with your preferred leveling build.

However, if you aren’t using any particular leveling build, we recommend simply focusing on Movement and Haste Affixes. Moving around faster will make you level up more efficiently!

Join Item Factions Early

Last Epoch: How to Level Up Your Alts Quickly - Item Factions

Unlike your main character, any alts you make can join Item Factions as soon as they reach The Keepers’ Camp in Chapter 1. That is, of course, provided that you already unlocked Item Factions on your main.

Nonetheless, this is a huge boon, as you won’t need to wait until you reach Maj’Elka in Chapter 9.

The Item Faction NPCs in The Keepers' Camp

Just speak to either of the Item Faction representatives in the top-left corner of The Keepers’ Camp and join whichever faction you prefer.

Item Factions won’t directly help you level up faster, sure, but they will help you get good gear faster. Good gear makes the game easier, thus you’ll be able to level up faster!

Item Faction Rank

To sweeten the deal even further, Item Faction Rank is shared across all characters. You don’t need to increase your Rank for every character individually.

This also means your alts will help your main character by gaining Favor and increasing their Rank, so all your characters will benefit!

Skip the Campaign with Dungeons

Last Epoch: How to Level Up Your Alts Quickly - Dungeons

If you don’t feel like going through the entirety of the campaign again, you can skip parts of it by going through the Dungeons.

Now, admittedly, some players argue that this can be a pain to do and not the most efficient way to play through the campaign on an alt.

Nonetheless, others swear by it as being faster and also gaining you a lot of levels.

Ultimately, whether or not you want to rush through the main campaign normally or use the Dungeons to skip content is up to you. We just felt that you should know that it’s possible!

But, why does this work? Simply, it’s because the exit to Dungeons leads to areas that you would normally reach later in the campaign.

Temporal Sanctum entrance

Here are all the Dungeons and their entrances and exits so you get an idea of how much content they skip:

  • Lightless Arbor Starts from The Shrouded Ridge after you reach The Council Chambers in the Ruined Era. Leads to The Corrupted Lake, which has a portal leading to The Risen Lake in the Imperial Era.
  • Soulfire Bastion Starts from The Risen Lake in the Imperial Era. It then leads you to The Soul Furnace, which has a portal to Kolheim Pass in the Divine Era.
  • Temporal Sanctum The last dungeon, found in The Shining Cove past Maj’Elka in the Imperial Era. Leads to The Radiant Dunes in the Divine Era, putting you near the end of the campaign.

You’ll get all Passive Points and Idol Slots you would get from completing campaign quests normally too, so don’t worry about them!

Also, to make things easier, you can use the Stash to transfer Dungeon Keys you get with your other characters.

Take Advantage of Multiplayer Power Leveling

Last Epoch: How to Level Up Your Alts Quickly - Dungeon in Multiplayer

Our last tip is perhaps the simplest one, but it will require you to play with other players. With server issues still being a common problem, this can be a bit of a crapshoot.

Nonetheless, you should just go through Dungeons with another player, letting them do all the work.

Avoid attacking enemies so you don’t draw attention, and just let the other player kill all the mobs!

However, you have to make sure to stick close to the other player. Otherwise, you won’t get any Experience.

Exploring a Dungeon in multiplayer

Ideally, the other player should be high enough in level to be able to clear the dungeon easily. They need to protect your low-level character as well, after all!

As for yourself, you just need to do your best to stay alive while staying close enough to your ally to get the Experience.

Even better, you can try to make sure to complete the Dungeons like this to take advantage of the campaign skip we described before!

But, that was our last tip! Now it’s up to you to take advantage of all these tricks to quickly level up all your alts in Last Epoch.

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