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Last Epoch: Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Guide

Are you ready for a time-shifting challenge?




The Temporal Sanctum is the first real dungeon added to Last Epoch, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a challenge!

It has a unique Temporal Shift gimmick that allows you to instantly travel between two eras, and the final boss of the dungeon will also use her own form to attack you.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get through the Temporal Sanctum and how to defeat its boss, Julra.

Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Basics

Last Epoch: Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Guide - Basics

To enter the Temporal Sanctum you will first need to get a Temporal Sanctum Key.

The keys drop frequently from enemies in areas Level 54 and higher. Timeline Bosses in the Monolith of Fate are also a good source.

Once you’ve obtained a key, right-click on it and it will show the Temporal Sanctum’s location on your map. What a convenient key, huh?

Temporal Sanctum entrance

You will need to kill the dungeon’s guardian, Ortra’ek the Survivor, as well. Once he’s down, the door to the dungeon itself will open!

The Temporal Sanctum has a randomized layout, with the location of enemies, roadblocks, and shrines changing each time. That said, it generally has a rectangular shape.

Temporal Shift ability

Also, the dungeon has a unique gimmick ability for you to use: Temporal Shift. Use Temporal Shift anytime you want to swap between the Divine and Ruined variants of the Temporal Sanctum!

Do be warned, though, that some of the enemies in the dungeon will chase you through eras! Don’t assume that using Temporal Shift will save you from facing the enemies.

On the other hand, the layout is identical in both eras, other than the placement of roadblocks.

So, you basically need to shift between eras to get past roadblocks until you reach the boss of the dungeon, Julra.

Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Boss Guide – Chronomancer Julra

Last Epoch: Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Guide - Boss Julra

Julra uses the Temporal Sanctum’s time-shifting abilities to control the battlefield and affect you with Doom, which will deal extremely high Void damage over time.

Some of Julra’s attacks will require you to use precise positioning or Temporal Shift to overcome, and it’s key to understand them going into the fight. As such, we’ll go over these attacks to help you out!

One of the main attacks to look out for is the Catastrophic Implosion.

Julra's AoE Clock

Julra will cover the entire battlefield with a huge clock, which detonates once it hits 12 o’clock. Thankfully, you can prevent the detonation by using Temporal Shift before the implosion goes off!

Julra's Temporal Tears

Julra also summons damaging AoE circles at your character’s feet, known as Dimensional Tears.

She will cast them whenever you use Temporal Shift, but they take a few seconds to trigger. It’s a good idea to get to the edge of the arena ASAP!

Julra's Pillars

Sometimes, she will also summon some pillars around the arena. These pillars are invulnerable in the Ruined era and can damage you with lightning attacks.

To counterattack, you will need to use Temporal Shift to go into the Divine Era. The pillars are vulnerable and don’t attack in the Divine Era, letting you safely break them.

Julra's Healing Fountain

Speaking of summoning, look out for whenever Julra creates a fountain! She will use it to heal herself, so make sure to break it right away.

Julra's Unraveling Decay

The last attack that’s important to watch out for is Unraveling Decay, which is when Julra shoots out a cross-shaped set of balls and lasers.

Getting hit by the lasers will deal extremely high damage, so make sure to position yourself in the gap in the middle to avoid them.

You should now be ready to take on Julra and finish the Temporal Sanctum dungeon!

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