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Last Epoch: How to Fix “LE-61 Failed to Matchmake” Error

Dont let matchmaking issues ruin your fun.




Le-61 Failed to Matchmake

Last Epoch places a lot of emphasis on its online play. You can play the game alongside your friends and take on the world of Last Epoch together. Unfortunately, a lot of players have been running into matchmaking errors.

If you are one of the players who have seen the “LE-61 failed to matchmaker” error, then you know how annoying it can be. Luckily, there are multiple fixes for this problem.

“LE-61 Failed to Matchmake” Error Solutions

the le-61 matchmaking error

The matchmaking error in Last Epoch is quite common. For a lot of people, simply logging out of the game and logging back in seems to fix the issue.

If you are someone who is actually playing solo and still encountering the issue, you can always load the game as an offline character. The game works perfectly fine in offline modes as well, so this is a good workaround for the issue until the servers are working properly.

Joining the game through a friend can also help you avoid the issue. Action RPGs like Last Epoch are much more fun when played alongside friends though, as you can take on bosses and enemies together.

Joining Through Friends

social tab where you can add friends and interact with friends you have added Last Epoch

To join a friend in Last Epoch, you need to have them added to the game. You can also add players you meet online as friends and then join their games.

The game allows you to add other people to your friend list and send messages to them.

Once they are added to your friend list, they can send you an invite to the game. You can either join through the invite or send them a request to join.

If this doesn’t work too, then you might need to contact Last Epoch’s support. The issue might be something specific, and the support team can help you out with that.

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