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Last Epoch: How to Beat Lightless Arbor Dungeon Boss

Conquer The Mountain Beneath

Kaylee Nancarrow



Last Epoch: How to Beat Lightless Arbor Dungeon Boss

The Lightless Arbor is one of the three dungeons in Last Epoch. The dungeon is themed around darkness and features unique mechanics that buffs players and debuff enemies. Stand the chance to win some handsome rewards by spending gold.

At the end of the tunnel lies a boss fight with two very different stages. If you’re brave enough, you might survive this dungeon. In this guide, we’ll cover all there is to know about conquering The Mountain Beneath!

How to Beat Lightless Arbor Dungeon Boss

The Lightless Arbor is an mythical forest filled with dangerous beasts and overgrown vegetation. The most feared and powerful being that resided in the forest is The Mountain Beneath.

Lightless Arbor location

You can find the Lightless Arbor situated underneath the Last Refuge. To enter the dungeon, you will need a key!

Lightless Arbor Key

Lightless Arbor Key

To get into the dungeon, you’ll first need to acquire the Lightless Arbor Key. The key is dropped randomly from enemies and can also be target-farmed from timeline bosses.

Open door to Lightless Arbor dungeon

Once you have the key, click on it in your inventory. The key will then take you to the location of the Lightless Arbor dungeon. Take the key and open the door to enter the dungeon, as seen in the image above.

Burning Amber

Burning Amber

Upon entering the dungeon there will be a burning amber attached to your player which will light up the area around you, as seen in the image above. Enemies that fall outside the illumination will deal more damage and take less damage.

The burning amber ability allows you to target enemies and burn pyres, which is needed to progress through the dungeon and kill the boss. The burning amber will slowly lose it’s illumination after taking damage, but can be restored by slaying Amber Elemental.


Before you make your way to the boss fight, there are a couple of enemies in the dungeon that will come across your path. Most of the enemies in Lightless Arbor are relatively easy to deal with, except for the Rotweaver.

The Rotweaver

The Rotweaver has a powerful ability to infect players with poison from a distance. Coming up against one may not seem like a life-threating situation, but in a large group, your journey will be cut short.

The Mountain Beneath Boss

The Mountain Beneath boss fight is comprised of two phases. To beat this boss, you’ll have to know how the mechanisms of both phases work.

The first phase of the fight involves fighting the boss on a platform. At this stage in the fight, he’s invulnerable and you’ll need to burn pyres to make him fall off the platform

Root wall in Last Epoch

In the boss fight, you’ll need to set pyres on fire using the burning amber. Pyres are blocked by a wall of roots that must first be destroyed before you can access them. That said, the boss will attack you with a shockwave.

You’ll need to be vigilant in the first phase of the fight and avoid Rockfall. You will also need to kill Titanspawn and Mountain’s Roots while waiting for the boss’s shockwave to take effect.  

After the boss uses his shockwaves, break down the root walls and ignite the pyres with your burning amber. Once the pyres have ignited the boss will take damage and the second phase of the fight will begin.

Stone Titan's Heart

Unlike the first phase of the fight, Stone Titan’s Heart is vulnerable to damage and needs to be destroyed to end the boss fight, as seen in the image above. Throughout this fight, deal as much damage as possible while avoiding taking on damage from Spore Beam, Titanflesh, and the Energy Wave.

Defeat the stone heart and you’ll be rewarded with a Goldsink full of treasure!

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