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Last Epoch: Best Class to Play on a Controller

Become a force to be reckoned with!

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Last Epoch bes class to play on controller

The best class to play in Last Epoch is naturally rather subjective. However, with the official game launch releasing with full controller compatibility, you may be interested in what to try out first if you have not used one yet. Here are some tips about the best class to play on a controller.

Best Class to Play on a Controller.

Classes to play in Last Epoch

Playing with a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard has certain limitations that may make it more difficult to play certain classes and easier to play others.

Particularly, it can be difficult to play characters that require precise aim in order for their skills to hit. This makes builds like Marksmen and Sorcerers more tricky to play on a controller.

It does however mean that many of your melee classes and builds are great fun to play this way!

Sentinel – Void Knight

Sentinel void knight class

Naturally, as a Melee class, the Sentinel is going to be a great class to play on the controller. The Void Knight build will essentially allow you to turn into a spin-to-win character. Cleave your enemies in two and deal loads of damage, without worrying about aiming.

Sentinel – Paladin

Sentinel paladin class for controller

The Sentinel Paladin is also an excellent choice for the controller. The Smite Hammer Throw build allows you to become super tanky, deal damage, and provide support buffs for your team.

Rogue – Bladedancer

Rogue Bladedancer class

If rogues are more your style you can’t go wrong with the Bladedancer subclass. It gets you in and out in a flash wreaking destruction in your wake.

Mage – Spellblade

Mage Spellblade class for controller

If you are partial to your magic users you can still have an excellent time if you pick the Spellblade Mage subclass. Go with the Shatter Strike build and you will be pumping out some huge bursts of cold damage.

These are among the most popular classes for controller play but there are also a bunch of others you can try out if these don’t suit you!

From Druids to Beastmasters to Necromancers there is no shortage of options for you to choose from regardless of the input system you use!

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