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Last Epoch: Soulfire Bastion Dungeon Guide

The Soul Gambler Awaits!

Kaylee Nancarrow



Last Epoch: Soulfire Bastion Dungeon Guide

Soulfire Bastion is one of three dungeons currently available in Last Epoch. Complete this end-game dungeon and you’ll gain access to the Soul Gambler. This mysterious entity offers some great rewards, but there’s a catch.

In this Guide, we’ll introduce you to the Soulfire Bastion dungeon and go over all of its unique mechanics. Plus we’ll break down the fight against Fire Lich Cremorus and shed some light on the Soul Gambler.

Soulfire Bastion Dungeon Guide

Soulfire Bastion dungeon location

Soulfire Bastion Dungeon lies north of Lake Liath, in the Felled Wood, in the Imperial Era. But first, you’ll need to acquire a Soulfire Bastion Key before you can enter.  

How to Enter the Dungeon

Soulfire Bastion Key

There are several ways to get your hands on a Soulfire Bastion key. These keys can be farmed within the Arena of Champions and from Timeline bosses. In addition, defeating enemies at random will reward you with a key drop.

Farming the Arena of Champions is one of the most consistent methods to farm keys. That said, the Arena has a very low drop rate, so there are better ways to farm dungeon keys. Once you have the Soulfire Bastion key, make your way to Thetima and enter the dungeon.

Dungeon Mechanic

Souls are the unique mechanic in this dungeon, and you can acquire them by killing enemies. Souls are very valuable and have two purposes; you can use them to shield yourself from damage or they can be used to gamble and win rewards.

The Soulfire Bastion dungeon isn’t a safe place and with high reward comes high risks. If you die in the dungeon, there’s no chance of revival and you will lose all your progress, loot, and you will be thrown out of the dungeon.

Soulfire Shield

That said, in this dungeon you have a special mechanic that should help you survive, Soulfire Shield. This ability will reduce fire and necrotic damage, but not both at the same time.

Using the Soulfire Shield comes with a cost, as it will consume soul embers. The same currency which you need to gamble for rewards with the Soul Gambler at the end of the dungeon. So, you will have to use them wisely.


Enemies in the dungeon

There are four enemies in the dungeon that can cause damage to your health. Two of these enemies you will encounter deal damage in fire and the other two deal necrotic damage. Here are the four enemies you should expect to encounter:

  • The Immortal Incinerator uses a fire beam attack to deal damage.
  • The Searing Flesh uses a his fist to create a shockwave that is effectively from close and long range. The attack deals physical and fire damage.
  • The Possessed Construct shoots a necrotic projectile at you. Be careful as you might not always see the attack coming.
  • The Possessed Golem has a necrotic attack that can bounce back and deal twice the damage.

How to Defeat Cremorus (Boss)

Boss fight against Cremorus

Cremorus is the boss of the Soulfire Bastion dungeon, and he’s tough to beat. Before taking on the boss, you must first clear out all the enemies from the dungeon and collect as many souls as you can.

Cremorus uses both fire and necrotic attack abilities, which means you’ll have to constantly alternate between your two soul shield colors.

The fighting arena is designed to favor Cremorus and he uses tiles on the ground to deal necrotic and fire damage to anyone who steps on them. The longer the fight goes on and the more damage you cause to Cremorus, the more tiles are activated.

Changing floor in boss fight

To avoid taking extensive damage from the floor, always match the color of the floor with your soul shield. Switching between fire and necrotic shields will keep you alive in the boss fight.

Flame Thrower ability

One of the boss’s most powerful attacks is the Flame Thrower. Stick close to the boss and avoid being scorched by the flames. One hit and he’ll melt you to pieces!

The Cremorus fight is limited to one phase and he becomes more dangerous as the fight progresses. To beat him, you must save your immunity switch for when the floor is completely covered, as floor damage can’t be avoided.

Make sure to have a ton of fire and necrotic damage resistance before entering this fight, as you’ll need all of it to survive.

Soul Gambler

Soul Gambler

The Soul Gambler will make an appearance once you have defeated Cremorus. He is the only source of items with Tier V affixes, which are very powerful. That said, the Soul Gambler can also offer you some rare items but you’ll need to have souls in exchange.

Gather as many souls as possible and in exchange, your soul will survive the Soulfire Bastion dungeon.

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