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Last Epoch: How to Use Loot Filters

Filter your loot to get only what you need




Early on in Last Epoch, you will pretty much pick up any item that drops down from enemies. Eventually, as you progress through the game, you might start to feel that a lot of items being dropped are unnecessary. This is where Loot Filters come in.

Loot filters in Last Epoch allow you to filter out loot that you do not need in your build. These filters are extremely useful but can be a bit tricky to understand.

How to Use Loot Filters

To use Loot Filters, you will need to create a Loot Filter and then set specific rules based on your needs. Loot Filters will also vary a lot depending on where you are in a game.

Your needs in the beginning of the game will be very different from what you need in the late game. This will have a big impact on the Loot Filters you create and use.

Creating a Loot Filter

creating or importing a loot filter menu

Using Shift+F will open up the loot filter menu on your screen. From here you can either create your own filter or import someone else’s. To create your own filter you just need to click on that option to get started.

configure loot filter menu

You will then be able to configure your Loot Filter by selecting the title, filter icon, and the color for the icon. Alongside that, you can also write a short description for that filter.


the 3 different types of rules

Next, you will need to set the specific rules for your filter. There are 3 types of rules you can use in filtering loot in Last Epoch:

  • Show – Show specific loot
  • Hide – Hide specific loot
  • Recolor – Recolor a specific set of loot
different types of conditions

After selecting the type of rule, you will the need to set the certain conditions for your rule. There are a total of 5 conditions you can choose from here:

  • Affix
  • Class Requirement
  • Level
  • Rarity
  • Item Type

These conditions help you filter loot very specifically. So for example, if you select Level, you will be able to filter items based on certain level requirements.

You can set multiple rules at the same time, and the order in which your rules are placed makes a huge difference.

So, say that you have a “Show” rule and a “Hide” rule that contradict each other. The rule that will be placed higher will have priority. If the “Show” rule is above the “Hide” one, then you will be able to see the item and it won’t be hidden.

Late Game Loot Filters

Eventually, when you reach the late game of Last Epoch, you will need even less loot. The loot you will be looking for is probably going to be very specific.

loot filter with multiple conditions under the same rule

The image above shows a more advanced type of rule you can set to make your filters more specific. If you need a specific type of body armor, you can hide the types of armor you don’t want to see. You can go a step further and also add specific Affixes you want with your armor.

Loot Filters like the one above can be used for all kinds of different loot. Your requirements will change a lot depending on your character and build, so always create filters that match your specific needs.

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