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Last Epoch: How to Swap Skills

Swap around your Skills




There are a ton of different builds in Last Epoch that you can go for. Depending on which Class or Mastery you are playing, the Skills you will use will vary a bit.

Depending on the keys you are using to cast Skill, the game allows you to assign the Skills however you like. Once a Skill is assigned to a key, you can quickly cast it by pressing that key. You can also swap around these Skills and change the input for that Skill.

How to Swap Skills

hud with the skills at the bottom

On your HUD, you can assign Skills at the bottom. By default, the keys that are used for inputs will be QWER and your mouse buttons. Most Action RPGs or games with top-down views will use these keys as inputs for skills. You can always change the key bindings to something more suited to you.

clicking on a skill shows you the skill you can swap around with

Skills can be assigned and swapped around in the same way. You can assign the skill to that input by clicking on one of the boxes. Pressing that key will now cast the skill. To swap Skills around, click on that box again, and choose the Skill you want to swap around with.

You can swap around the Skills whenever you want to. Later on in the game, you will unlock more Skills and might want to equip them instead of the Skills you currently have.

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