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Last Epoch: How to Use Cosmetics and How to Apply Them

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Last Epoch How to Use Cosmetics and Apply Them

Last Epoch allows you to personalize your character, but before, you need to know how to use cosmetics and how to apply them.

You can change a lot of things in this game, from the filters to your character. Usually, your armor and the items you wear determine how you look, but it doesn’t need to always be that way.

There is a special cosmetic shop where you can get special items that cater to your taste and pick how you want to look. We remind you that you need real money to buy them, as those are the only microtransactions in the game.

It’s also worth mentioning that the in-game purchases are purely cosmetic and have no impact on the gameplay. This means that Last Epoch is not paid-to-win.

Last Epoch Cosmetics Guide (Shop)

You might miss the visual changes if you aren’t aware of how to use cosmetics and how to apply them in Last Epoch. You can use and apply these changes like this:

Before you can buy any cosmetics, you need to get “Epoch Points.” You need to pay money for them, and it’s a type of currency in the game.

Under the mana pool of your character, you will see the “Shop” button.

Last Epoch How to Use Cosmetics and Apply Them shop

Pick the item you want to use and pay for it. It will be sent to your cosmetic tab.

Cosmetics tab menu

There are two ways you can open the cosmetic menu. You can use shift+k, the shortcut. If you want to do it manually, go to the menu, go to settings, and click on cosmetics.

When the windows of cosmetics open, equip the items you won or bought.

Last Epoch How to Use Cosmetics and Apply Them in menu

Which Cosmetic Items Can You Use?

Cosmetic items affect your appearance, which means you can equip special armor and weapons. You could also change the effects of your skills, how your portals look, or even have pets. If you equip any cosmetics, you will see those and not the real armor or the original effect you were using before.

Some of the cosmetics can be obtained through gameplay milestones or special game events. If you achieve special milestones and participate in events in the game, you can get exclusive, one-time-only, special items.

Personalizing your character might seem unnecessary, but you can make it your own thanks to cosmetics. There are armors that won’t reflect the way you want to present your character to others. Using cosmetics will not only do this for you; it will also allow you to show a little bit about yourself.

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