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Last Epoch: Can You Combine Loot Filters

One filter at a time can be limiting…




Last Epoch allows people to make their own Loot Filters to customize their playing experience. Loot Filters allow you to hide items you don’t want to see, which can be very useful. The amount of items in Last Epoch can grow to be so much that they become a necessity.

Some players have recently been wondering if they can combine multiple loot filters together. That way, they can have more customization for less effort. Is it even possible to combine loot filters though?

Can You Combine Loot Filters

Unfortunately, you cannot combine loot filters in Last Epoch. At the time of writing this article, no such option is available within the game. This is unfortunate because the process to implement that wouldn’t be too much trouble, but it would be an amazing quality-of-life feature.

Filters in Last Epoch

Players are extremely resilient though, and some of them have figured out some unofficial ways to combine loot filters. Some people have made their own simple programs which you can use at your own discretion. 

While it would be really cool to be able to combine multiple loot filters together for more complex builds, it just isn’t an official option for now. All we can do is wait, hopefully, this feature gets added sooner rather than later!

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