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Last Epoch: How to Get the Best Items in Circle of Fortune

Increase your faction rank and favor to unlock rewards

Kaylee Nancarrow



There are two factions available in Last Epoch . One of them is the Circle of Fortune which offers some great rewards and grants a boost to loot drops you find. If you want to get the best items in Circle of Fortune, we’ve got all the information you need.

How to Get the Best Items in Circle of Fortune

The Circle of Fortune isn’t just available from the start. However, there are two ways in which a player can join the Circle of Fortune.

Joining the Circle of Fortune

Like with most games, if you want to unlock an item or get access to a special event, it usually requires a player to make progress up until a point in the main storyline.

To join the Circle of Fortune in Last Epoch you have to reach the Upper District of Maj’Elka in the ninth chapter of the game.

Observatory in ninth chapter

To get there you can either progress through the storyline of the game or you can use a Temporal Sanctum Key and defeat Chronomancer Julra, to access a shortcut.

In the ninth chapter, you will find the Circle of Fortune at the Observatory. Once you’re there, speak to the faction leader Galila to join the Circle of Fortune.

Unlock Items

Joining the circle is just the first part, in order to access the bonus items offered they need to be unlocked. To unlock additional bonuses you need to increase your Faction Rank and Favor.

Faction Rank unlocks passive bonuses and the ability to customize your prophecies.

That’s why it is really important which faction you pick.

Favor is needed to purchase prophecies for target farming items and it is used to purchase lenses that allow you to modify the prophecies.

Earning Circle of Fortune Rank and Favor

Your faction rank within the Circle of Fortune increases over time and determines the benefits you can gain from the faction.

To raise your rank, you can do this by participating in the circle’s main mechanic, prophecies, or you can do it by gaining experience defeating enemies and completing quests.

On the other hand, favor is considered the main currency in the game. Favor is earned by defeating monsters, and completing quests and prophecies. The further you advance in the game, the more favor you will acquire.

Circle of Fortune Rank Rewards

Faction ranks.

There are 10 faction ranks within the game, as seen in the image above. As you increase your faction rank within the circle, there will be a variety of bonuses that are unlocked.

The bonus items in the Circle of Fortune revolve around increasing the quality of a drop, duplicating loot items, and ensuring that you get certain loot items more frequently.


The prophecy system is a way for players to target specific drop items in the game by completing the objectives attached to the prophecy. Each prophecy can be divided into three parts; the event, conditions, and rewards.

The events are the requirements a player needs to complete before they can obtain the prophecy reward. The condition indicates any additional requirements that must be met before players can obtain the reward, and the last part is self-explanatory.



Lenses are purchased from the faction leader and are permanent items that can be slotted into telescopes. These lenses can be used to customize the types of prophecies offered, each telescope has space for three lenses.

So, just remember to increase your rank and favor to acquire the rarest items in the game!

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