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Last Epoch: Rarest Items in the Game

Find the most rare and unique items!




There are a ton of items in Last Epoch, each with a specific measure of rarity. This determines how hard they are to find for yourself. Some items are a lot rarer than others though, and finding these items feels very satisfying and fun.

What are some of the rarest items overall in the game? We’ve compiled the top 5 items and talked about them below.

Rarest Items in the Game:

There are a few items in the game, which are extremely hard to find and have the “Very Rare” label in-game. These are usually some of the strongest items as well, so it makes sense that they’re so rare. People tend to spend a lot of time farming them, and they’re very worth the effort. 

Aaron’s Will

The first item on our list is a piece of body armor called Aaron’s Will. This is a very good piece of armor, with 179 as a base stat. It also increases your health along with your minion’s health. In fact, this item is very useful in general when it comes to Minion stats. 

Aaron's Will in Last Epoch

It also enhances Minion Skills and allows you to use an additional Bone golem. This is the rarest body armor in the game, and many players struggle to find even one. 


Paranoia is a unique helmet drop that has one of the coolest abilities of any item in the game. In Last Epoch, if you’re locked onto a target, you can perform the lunge move on them. With this helmet equipped, you’re able to Lunge without any target in your vicinity, making it fun for faster movement. 

Paranoia in Last Epoch

It also has a base armor stat of 400, which is very good for helmets. If you manage to find one of these, count yourself extremely lucky. 

Jungle Queen’s Chaps of Holding

Jungle Queen’s Chaps of Holding is one of the best belts in the game. If you run a build that depends on the usage of potions or just find yourself running out of potions very often, you should try to grind for this item. It allows you to hold a whopping 16 additional potions. 

Jungle Queen's Chaps of Holding in Last Epoch

If the bonus potion slots weren’t enough, you also get a buff to your Dexterity stat, along with increased physical damage for both you and any minions you have with you in combat. This can be one of the most overpowered items in the game, so it’s very good to have.

Bastion of Honour

The Bastion of Honour used to be by far, the best shield in the game. It got heavily nerfed recently through patches, but it’s still incredibly good if you’re running a Strength and Melee build. It provides great benefits to you, health-wise, while also boosting strength. 

Bastion of Honour in Last Epoch

The main draw of this shield is one of the modifiers. More specifically, the modifier that allows you to regenerate health whenever you block an enemy attack. On top of that, it also just gives you a straight-up 40-60 boost for both your Health and Mana.


Omnividence is the go-to staff for Void Spell mains and for good reason. It increases the damage void spells do while decreasing the mana cost for the void spells by -5. The damage boost is insane, at 200%-300% more than base damage. 

Omnividence in Last Epoch

It also increases your base Melee and Spell damage as well, so even if you’re not doing Void Spells, this is still one of the best staffs in the game currently. This is an item definitely worth the grind, if you’re looking for a new staff for your build. 

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