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Last Epoch: How to Skip the Queue

Waiting is for suckers anyways…




How to Skip Login Queue in Last Epoch

Last Epoch has been assaulting its player base with a ton of different network and technical issues recently. Players have been getting very frustrated and it’s extremely justified. The worst of the issues by far are the ones that have been keeping players from even playing the game.

One of these issues includes getting stuck inside the queue when trying to play Last Epoch. People get stuck for a long time in these waiting queues, and it’s never an enjoyable experience. We’re going to help you skip the queue altogether!

How to Skip the Login Queue in Last Epoch

You can skip the queue entirely by switching to a low-population country’s servers. This allows you to get into the game faster, without having to wait around for an unfair amount of time. This is a workaround though, and hopefully the developers will fix the various network issues quickly.

When logging in, change your region to a low-population server. We recommend Australia. Now, restart your game and try to connect. 

Logging Into Last Epoch

You should find yourself able to connect much easier and faster this way. Once you’re connected and playing the game, feel free to change the server back to whatever you want again. If you’re playing mostly solo then it’s probably fine to just leave it to Australia. 

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