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Last Epoch: How to Change Keybinds

Super simple key customization!

Tess McGraw



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In Last Epoch there may be a time when you want to change the keys that some of your abilities are linked to. It might be because of technical difficulties or personal preference.

Regardless, of whether you’re playing with a mouse and keyboard or controller, it is an easy fix. Here is how to easily change the keybinds (aka. key mapping) to whatever layout suits you best.

How to Change Keybinds in Last Epoch

change keybinds in Last Epoch

First, open the Settings menu. It can be accessed via the character selection screen at login, the main menu, and the menu button. Similar to when optimizing the graphics in the game.

Change Input Keys button location

From there, make sure you are in the Gameplay tab at the top of the window then click on Change input keys.

Actions and abilities keybinds can be modified in this window.

The window where you can change the keys that your abilities are bound to will open. Many aspects other than ability keys can be changed here. This includes buttons for movement, portals, potions, and more.

Left click and select the replace button.

To change a keybind, left-click on or select the key you would like to change and click Replace on the window that opens. This process is identical to updating controller settings.

Press any Key to assign it to an ability.

You will be prompted to press a key to assign it to the ability or action you selected. The key you press will be displayed at the bottom of the window.

Complete keybind setup by clicking done.

When you are finished, simply click Done at the top left. If you mess with too many things, get confused, or want the original settings back for someone else playing on your device, just click Restore Defaults.

There are a number of player-recommended keybind settings out there that can really help improve your gameplay so go have a look if you are interested!

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