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Last Epoch: How to Farm the Ashen Crown

Level up your mage build with this amazing Helmet!




One of the most popular builds in Last Epoch is the Mage build. This was to be expected with all the gear and magic options available to players. Optimizing builds is one of the most fun parts of the game, and part of that is equipping the right Items.

One of the best pieces of Gear for Mage builds is the Ashen Crown. We’ll help you farm it, and explain what makes it special!

How to Farm the Ashen Crown

You can find the Ashen Crown in the timeline called The Black Sun. By going here and looking for echoes with “Unique or Set Helmet” drops, you can farm the Ashen Crown. It might take a while considering how rare of a drop this can be, but it’s a very good Helmet.

The Black Sun in Last Epoch

The Ashen Crown Helmet provides you with 63 Armor, +2 to every single attribute and that’s not even its best traits. It also makes your Mana Regeneration faster, increases Fire Damage, increases Spell Stun chance, and increases the Stun Duration of your spells.

The Ashen Crown in Last Epoch

In addition to that, it boosts the Ability called Elemental Nova. Now, you can use this AoE spell on the position of your enemy instead of around them. Overall, this Helmet is invaluable for Mage classes and provides a bunch of great useful buffs. 

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