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Last Epoch: How to Farm Jungle Queens Chaps of Holding Belt

Want to hold additional potions with a cool belt?




There are a lot of different viable builds and build options in Last Epoch. Some builds focus on magic with staffs, some on magic. Some unique builds make use of potions, though. 

If you want to run a potion build, you might find that the amount of potions you can hold at a time is too little. Even if you aren’t running a dedicated build, the base number of potions you can hold is quite small. We’re here to help you use more potions with the Jungle Queens Chaps of Holding Belt!

How to Farm Jungle Queens Chaps of Holding Belt

You can farm the Jungle Queens Chaps of Holding Belt in a particular timeline’s echoes. This belt is very special and unique, and quite possibly one of the best belts in the game! It allows you to hold a whopping 16 additional potions at all times. 

If that’s not enough, it also increases your Physical Damage and your Minions’ Physical Damage by up to 50%. It also raises your Dexterity and Dodge Rating. All in all, this is an extremely useful piece of gear to have equipped. 

Jungle Queen's Chaps of Holding Belt in Last Epoch

To farm this belt, you have to head to the “Fall of the Empire” timeline. Here, look for echoes with “Unique or Set Belt” rewards. This is one of the rarest items in the game, so it might take a while. 

Fall of the Empire in Last Epoch

After all the grinding is complete, you won’t find yourself regretting it. This belt proves its worth many times over, and we wish you good luck in farming it!

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