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Last Epoch: How to Improve Your Monolith Target Farming

Optimize your item farming through efficient Monolith use!




If you’re just entering the endgame of Last Epoch, you’re probably rightly confused about the Monolith system. The rewards seem useful and attractive, but the process of getting them is a little complicated. Figuring it out can take a while and be inconvenient. 

You’re not the only one with this issue, players have been confused all over the world. We aim to mitigate this confusion and help you out!

How to Improve Your Monolith Target Farming

By making smart use of the Echo system in combination with the tools available on the game’s website, we can optimize our farming method. This in turn will lead to a better time for item farming, taking less time and rewarding more. 

What are Monoliths?

Monoliths are Last Epoch’s main endgame system. Players can complete Monoliths by following Echo webs to gain interesting and high-level rewards. There are also timelines, and each timeline comes with its own specific rewards. 

An important part of the Monolith system is Corruption. Corruption is the measure of how dangerous enemies are, and also how good your rewards are going to be. Higher corruption means the game will be harder, but it also means the rewards will be more useful. 

Monolith of Fate in Last Epoch

Target Farming Specific Items

To farm specific items, we need to know their drop rate and the location they are most likely to drop at. For this, there is a tool on the game’s website. For this guide, we will be using the Ravens’ Rise gloves as an example. 

On the Item Database page, select Gloves in the left panel. Then, from the available modifiers, choose Unique. Scroll until you find the Ravens Rise Gloves.

Item Database in Last Epoch

At the bottom of the item’s description, we see some information regarding the best way to farm it. We can see that this item has a very high chance of Legendary potential. To farm it, we need the Ending the Storm timeline. In that timeline, we have to seek out the “Unique or Set Gloves” echo reward. The item’s chance to drop is very rare, so it’ll likely take some time. 

Now, enter the Ending the Storm timeline in-game. You should have it be empowered, for the best possible chances of getting the really good loot.  From here, locate an echo with the gloves icon on it. Having a corruption of at least 300 will make the process faster as well. An example is below. 

Echo in Last Epoch

Now, all you need to do is finish the echo and collect your reward at the end. If you get lucky, you might end up finding the item you want on the first try. Sometimes, it takes multiple completions to get the desired reward, so be patient!

At the end of the day, these games revolve around RNG more than anything else. Last Epoch does make it easier than most other games of the genre to locate and farm a certain item. All you have to do is keep trying until you get lucky!

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