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Last Epoch: How to Unlock Empowered Timelines

Get stronger in the endgame by making use of Empowered Timelines.




In Last Epoch, timelines are where you’ll be spending most of your time. Through completing timelines, you can be rewarded with a ton of good loot. Each timeline features its own bosses, quests, and rewards. However, there are only so many Timelines in the game.

As you progress to the endgame, the Timelines start to feel less worth it. Fortunately, Last Epoch features Empowered Timelines, which allow you to get better rewards if you can beat them. So, how do you unlock them?

How to Unlock Empowered Timelines

To unlock Empowered Timelines, you have to complete three certain Timelines. These timelines are the Spirits of Fire, The Last Ruin, and The Age of Winter. Once they’re all completed, head to the island in their center. 

Center Island in Last Epoch

Once there, just interact with the chest which is in the center. After doing this you’ll be able to choose between the Normal and Legendary versions of each Timeline when you try to play them. The Legendary versions are much harder and require you to be at a harder level, but feature better rewards.

While Legendary Timelines can be difficult at first, you’ll need to level up and play some of them to be able to unlock better gear. You should be making use of legendary weapons and other special gear. 

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