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Last Epoch: How to Create Legendary Items

Create your very own Legendary gear.




There are plenty of different items waiting to be found in Last Epoch. Through dungeons and the various missions in the game, you can get your hands on these items and create your ultimate build.

Besides the items that you can find, you can also make your own. The game allows you to create Legendary items of your own. These items are generally very strong and unique. So how exactly do you create these Legendary items?

How to Create Legendary Items

items required for eternity cache

To create a Legendary item in Last Epoch, you will need:

  • A Unique item with Legendary potential
  • An Exalted item with 4 Affixes.

Alongside that, the items must also be of the same type. Legendary items can be made inside the Eternity Cache. The Eternity Cache can be found within the Temoral Sanctum Dungeon.

Once you have the items, you will just need to place them inside the Eternity Cache and seal the cache. The item that you get from the Eternity Cache will be a combined version of the 2 you put in. You will get the Unique item combined with the Affixes attached to the Exalted item.

So make sure to put in items that can get you something that fits your build. The game allows you to use tools such as Loot Filters to find specific items within the game.

standing in front of the eternity cache

Legendary items that you get through the Eternity Cache are generally going to be very strong. You can make these items even stronger by completing higher-level dungeons. The Unique items you get from the higher-level dungeons are better and stronger.

Story missions will also drop Unique items, but these items will not have Legendary potential. Without Legendary potential, an item can not be put inside the Eternity Cache.

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