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Last Epoch: How to Improve Graphics | Settings Optimization

Optimize your games graphics




Games nowadays are graphically very advanced, especially when compared to older games. Many people view graphics as one of the most important factors when judging a game. It makes sense though, as playing a game that looks good makes it much more fun.

Last Epoch isn’t a game with the most advanced graphics, but it still is pretty good visually. That is if your game settings are optimized. We will be looking at how you can properly optimize your visual settings to improve your game graphics and upgrade your overall experience.

How to Improve Graphics | Settings Optimization

last epoch minimum and recommended system requirements

Before you actually go about changing the settings, it’s better to check the game system requirements. Last Epoch’s minimum system requirements are pretty low, which means it’s not a difficult game to run on most PCs.

For higher graphics though, you will need a stronger PC than the minimum. The devs also provide recommended system requirements, which are more suitable requirements for the game.

If you are just getting started at the game then it’s good to be familiar with all the different settings in the game. Besides actually being familiar with how the game works, graphics settings can really elevate your overall experience.

Quality Settings

First up we have quality settings. Quality Settings impact the overall graphics, but they more specifically also impact the textures in your game. So, textures on the walls and floors are more clear and detailed with higher-quality settings

Shadow Quality

This setting is concerned with the detail and overall quality of the shadows in the game. Low settings here will have generic shadows that don’t resemble the shape of the object they are a shadow of.


gameplay shot

For those unfamiliar with anti-aliasing. it allows you to smooth out the edges of objects in the game. This can also be completely turned off if you want. Anti-aliasing is often one of the most demanding settings when it comes to graphics.

Having the high settings for anti-aliasing is more important when you have larger screens or more high-resolution ones.


This is a very specific setting, as reflections mostly impact bodies of water in the game. Last Epoch doesn’t have a lot of bodies of water, so reflections don’t matter that much.

Ambient Occlusion

When looking at graphics, ambient occlusion makes 3D objects appear more realistic and adds detail to them. You can get away with lower settings here, as ambient occlusion in Last Epoch is also good in most low to medium levels here.

Of course, higher settings will give you much more detail, but the difference isn’t that big.

Volumetric Lighting

This setting impacts the shadows and dust you might find in the game. Higher settings here will give more detail to fog, and also add more lighting that gives a more realistic feel.

For gameplay’s sake, leaving volumetric lighting at a low setting here is actually a good thing. Higher settings do look better, but lower settings are less distracting. So in this case, lower graphics are actually better.

Screen Space Reflections

gameplay shot

Impacting the reflections in the game, screen space reflections are generally very unimportant to improve graphics. You will barely be able to see the difference between the settings unless you go from very low to very high.

If you have the reflections at low though, then having screen space reflections higher is good.

Terrain Quality

Like quality settings, terrain quality mainly impacts the terrain surrounding you in the game. The difference here is that terrain quality doesn’t really impact the textures on the terrain. It rather looks at the geometric qualities of the terrain.

If you already have quality settings at high, then terrain quality will barely impact your overall graphics. It is much better to actually put quality settings high and then leave terrain quality at a lower setting.

Overall, the settings you go with come down to how good your PC is. The most important setting is the quality setting. Having them high will have the biggest impact on the overall quality of your graphics.

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