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Last Epoch: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Get ready for the 1.0 launch!




Last Epoch is finally releasing out of Early Access with its upcoming 1.0 launch, making it the ultimate time for any beginner to pick the game up!

The highly acclaimed ARPG has been cooking for years in Early Access, so veterans know what to expect with the official 1.0 release.

For all you beginners out there, though, our ultimate guide is here to help you get started diving into Last Epoch’s time-traveling and dungeon-crawling gameplay!

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Choose Your Favorite Class

Last Epoch: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Classes

Picking the right class for you will be key when starting out.

There are 5 different playable classes, all of them providing a different playstyle and archetype.

Additionally, you can also specialize each of the classes into 3 different Masteries, further defining your playstyle!

So, here are the basics of the 5 main classes and their playstyle to help you choose:

  • Sentinel – A melee warrior class, focused on tanking and damage reduction. Strong in combat, and also great in a support role.
  • Mage – The token spellcaster, specializes in using elements via magic to devastate your foes. Buff your weapons with magic and cast strong AoE spells!
  • Primalist – A unique class that allows you to transform into animals, and also summon animal companions to help in battle.
  • Rogue – The assassin archetype, extremely nimble. Relies on using traps, bombs, and more to take down enemies.
  • Acolyte – Your best if you wish to master dark magic. Plays like a typical Necromancer, allowing you to revive the dead to aid you in combat.
Last Epoch: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Masteries

Additionally, we recommend that you think carefully about which Mastery to pick once you unlock them. You can respec and reset pretty much everything other than your Mastery, so it’s an important decision.

Nonetheless, just pick whichever class sounds the most interesting to you as you dive into Last Epoch!

Options to Avoid Choosing

Last Epoch: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Challenge Modes

During the character creation, there are two options that you should avoid choosing: Hardcore Mode and Solo Challenge.

These are both special challenges tailored toward veteran players starting a new character. You know, something to spice things up a bit when replaying the game.

For beginners, though, they can absolutely ruin the experience!

Challenge Mode options

Hardcore Mode will make it so that dying once will delete your character, while the Solo Challenge will instead make you unable to party up with other players or even trade with them.

So, as a beginner, we highly recommend that you avoid these extra modes. Or, at least, know what you’re getting into if you choose them.

Focus on the Story

Last Epoch: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Story

You will get thrown right into the main story of Last Epoch as you start the game, and it’s a good idea to try to focus on it.

Main story quests will give you way better rewards than others. You’ll get loads of experience to level up, extra Skill Points, Idol slots, and more.

In short, you’ll unlock a lot of benefits and new content as you progress through the main story, so it’s a good idea to make it your focus.

Don’t Ignore Crafting

Last Epoch: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Crafting

Last Epoch has a fantastic and in-depth crafting system that will allow you to strengthen your gear and its affixes.

Affixes are the modifiers that every piece of gear has, giving them special effects.

Runes and Glyphs that can enhance and add affixes are extremely common drops, so feel free to use them!

Also, make sure to purchase Runes of Shattering whenever they’re available in the in-game shops. You can use them to destroy old gear and get its affixes back.

Last Epoch: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Crafting

On that note, stash any gear with good affixes until you can use Runes of Shattering on them.

Don’t sell unique items with Legendary Potential or Weaver’s Will affixes, either, as you can turn them into Legendary gear later.

Lastly, we highly advise against using crafting materials on any Common rarity items. Those are the items with a white name, and they’re the weakest possible pieces of gear!

In short, engage with the crafting system as much as possible as you progress through the game, and make sure to save up any items that look useful.

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