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Last Epoch: Overpowered Items to Get in Early Game

Get an early boost with these OP items!




Last Epoch has some overpowered items that you can get quite early in the game. They’ll be a huge boon for you, considering that the game can be quite challenging!

Some of these items are even used in certain end-game builds, so they’re nothing to sneeze at.

In this short guide, we’ll tell you which items you should look out for to get OP early.

Best Overpowered Items to Get in Early Game

Last Epoch: Overpowered Items to Get in Early Game - Idol

Before we get started, we want to note that loot in Last Epoch is random. After all, it heavily takes from the Diablo style of action RPG, which heavily relies on randomization.

We can only tell you about most of the items, but we can’t really tell you where to actually get them. Such is the luck of the draw! Randomization means there’s not a specific place to get items.

Nonetheless, you will at least know which items to look out for. If nothing else, don’t make the mistake of ignoring these items if they drop.

Last Epoch: Overpowered Items to Get in Early Game - Wand

Also, remember you can use crafting to make these items even better!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s our list of the best overpowered items you should keep your eyes peeled for in the early game:

  • Arboreal Circuit – Increases your move speed and summons a minion that can draw aggro from enemies.
  • Bleeding Heart – Amulet that starts dropping at Level 4. Allows you to drain the enemy’s HP when attacking.
  • Exsanguinous – Consumes a bit of your HP per second, but turns it into Ward. Pair with any Experimental Noble Gloves you find for a good early low-HP build.
  • Mad Alchemist’s Ladle – Unique Wand that drops from Exiled Mages. Fantastic early-game weapon for Acolytes and Mages.
  • Vigorous Stout Lagonian Idol of Life – Provides a flat percentage increase to your Max HP. Starts dropping once you get your first Idol Slot.
  • Weaver’s Will Uniques – These are a category of unique items you might find randomly. You can craft them later on to turn them into Legendary items, so make sure to keep them in your Stash until then!
Last Epoch: Overpowered Items to Get in Early Game - Bleeding Heart

Now you know what to look out for early in Last Epoch, we just have to hope randomization blesses you with some luck!

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