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Last Epoch: How to Unlock The Black Sun Timeline

Unlock the Rahyeh The Black Sun boss fight!




Last Epoch comes with a lot of timelines for you to play through and get rewards from. Each timeline has a bunch of levels inside it as well, sometimes more than 60! One of the timelines people struggle to unlock is the Level 65 Monolith Timeline, The Black Sun.

Unlocking The Black Sun timeline is a bit more complicated than unlocking all of the other ones, as it requires an additional step. We’re going to point that step out for your convenience!

How to Unlock The Black Sun Timeline

To unlock the Black Sun Timeline, you have to play Level 55 twice and choose both available routes once each. This does take a little extra while, but it’s the only way to unlock it.

The ideal path to take is as follows:

  • Level 55
  • Level 60
  • Level 55, following the alternate route
  • Level 65.
Monoliths in Last Epoch

Some players find that Level 55 is too easy and a waste of time as it’s under your level by the time you reach Level 65. This is a valid concern, but thankfully you can also unlock The Black Sun timeline by playing the empowered version of Level 55. Hopefully, now you’ll have an easier time playing The Black Sun.

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