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How to Craft Powerful Legendary Items in Last Epoch 1.0

Turn your Uniques into Legendaries!




Last Epoch 1.0 has a special crafting system that allows you to turn certain Unique items into even more powerful Legendary variants. Making good use of it can be vital to strengthening your build!

There are a lot of limitations to this system, however, such as how only certain Unique items can be used. You’ll also need to clear one of the many dungeons each time you want to craft, for example!

Nonetheless, the process is well worth the effort. So, when you’re ready to start crafting powerful Legendary items, read on for our guide!

How to Craft Powerful Legendary Items | Eternity Cache Guide

How to Craft Powerful Legendary Items in Last Epoch 1.0 - Eternity Cache

The only way to craft truly powerful Legendary items in Last Epoch 1.0 is to use the Eternity Cache. This is a unique interactable object that you can only access by completing the Temporal Sanctum dungeon.

If you need help with the dungeon, feel free to check our guide about it. It tells you the basics you need to get started, as well as strategies to avoid the strongest spells from its boss.

Legendary Potential trait

Additionally, you will need to find Unique items that have the Legendary Potential (LP) trait.

LP can go from 1 to 4, and it defines how many Affixes you can transfer. Items with 4 LP will take 4 Affixes when crafted, for example.

Sadly, there’s no way to use Loot Filters to only show you Uniques with LP traits. You will need to pick up Unique items and manually check them for their LP…

Exalted Item example

The other requirement is that you will need an Exalted item that has 4 non-sealed Affixes.

These Affixes will be transferred to your Unique item when turning it into a Legendary, so it’s a good idea to make use of regular crafting to get the Affixes you want first.

The Exalted item will be consumed to have its Affixes transferred onto the Unique item. Both items don’t have to be of the same type, either, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Just focus on getting the Affixes you want onto the Exalted item and you’re good to go!

When you’ve got your items done, just complete the Temporal Sanctum and enter the Eternity Cache after defeating Julra.

Put in your Unique item with Legendary Potential and an Exalted item you want to “sacrifice” and accept the craft. You’ll get a brand new powerful Legendary version of your Unique item!

Limitations of the Eternity Cache

Julra boss fight

As you might imagine, something as powerful as the Eternity Cache is bound to have limitations.

The first big limitation is that you can only make one Legendary item per visit to the Eternity Cache. If you want to make another item, you’ll need to repeat the Temporal Sanctum.

You will also need to complete the Temporal Sanctum in a difficulty Tier that matches the required level of your base Unique item.

For example, having a Unique item with a required level of 80 means that you need to complete the Temporal Sanctum in Tier II difficulty.

Temporal Sanctum dungeon gameplay

You also don’t get to choose which Affixes are carried over from the Exalted item. If your Unique only has an LP of 2, it will only get 2 random Affixes from the Exalted.

This is why it’s important for you to make sure you craft your Exalted item to ensure that it’s a good source of Affixes. Though, ultimately, it all comes down to pure luck.

Of course, that does mean you can guarantee you get all 4 Affixes by using a Unique item with an LP of 4, but those are incredibly rare.

Example of the Eternity Cache in use

The last noteworthy limitation is related to Item Factions. You can’t use two items if they each belong to a different Item Faction.

However, it’s still possible to use two items if they are tagged to be from the same Item Faction. It also still works if only one of the items you use has a faction tag, so it’s not a huge limitation.

Despite these limitations, though, using the Eternity Cache to turn your Unique items into Legendary items is the best way to craft powerful equipment in Last Epoch!

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