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Last Epoch: Legendary Potential Guide

Get the most powerful gear in the game!

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Last epoch legendary potential guide

In Last Epoch, Legendary Potential is what determines whether you can turn a Unique Item into a Legendary Item. Legendary items are the most powerful gear you can get in this game. Unlike many other ARPGs however, you cannot get them just by endlessly framing. This guide will take you through where and how you go about crafting them.

Legendary Potential Guide

Legendary potential reading location
(Source: MinMaxRPG)

To craft yourself a Legendary item you will need a Unique item with Legendary Potential.
The number displayed beside legendary potential indicates how many random affixes the item will be able to take on from the Exalted item you merge it with.

Example Exalted item

The exalted Item you wish to merge with the Unique item must have the same base item type (ie. unique body armor/exalted body armor)and it must have four affixes (extra attributes). Specifically it must have two prefixes and two suffixes.

Forge extra affixes onto your exalted items.

If your exalted item does not have four affixes you can add them yourself through the forge. You will receive more, and better Unique item drops as you progress through the game and even more so when you begin Empowered Monoliths, which is the scaling end-game system.

Temporal Sanctum location

To begin the process you need to head over to The Temporal Sanctum. Check out how to clear the dungeon if you have not done so yet.

What to do when you are through The Temporal Sanctum?

Direction to the cache.

Once you have defeated Julra head to the hazy area at the top right of the map. Interact with the fog to be transported where you need to go – the room with the Eternity Cache.

Temporal shift to use the correct cache

In the chamber beyond you will see one of two versions depending on which timeline you are in.

You will need to temporal shift to the shiny new timeline, in order to be able to interact with the Eternity Cache and place the items you want to merge. The timeline where things are falling apart is the one you will need to be in, in order to collect your completed item at the end of the process.

Whee to place each item.

Place your Unique item in the left compartment of the cache and the Exalted Item on the right. Remember, the Unique and Exalted items must be the same base type of item and the Exalted item must have four affixes. When you are ready, seal the cache.

How to collect completed item

Exit the cache and shift timelines to the derelict side. Select the Eternity Cache again to retrieve your completed item.

Your legendary item will have received a random selection of the affixes from the Exalted item equal to the number indicated beside the Legendary Potential of your Unique item as mentioned earlier.

Exit the temporal sanctum.

In one of the timelines, an exit will open on the right which will allow you to leave The Temporal Sanctum.

Kit up and move out!

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