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How to Unlock Item Factions in Last Epoch

These powerful factions will help you with your items.




Item Factions are one of the biggest changes that Last Epoch got with 1.0; unlock and join them to affect the loot you get and what you do with it.

There are currently two Item Factions. One will greatly improve self-found items, while the other will unlock the ability to perform trades with other players!

Read on and we’ll tell you how to join either of these game-changing factions.

Guide on How to Unlock Item Factions | Trading and Fortune

How to Unlock Item Fractions in Last Epoch - Meeting Zerrick

You can only unlock the Item Factions once you reach the city of Maj’Elka. You’ll naturally go there during Chapter 9 of the game’s main story, so you can’t miss it!

Once you reach Maj’Elka, make your way to the Upper Districts at the center of town and meet Zerrick.

He’ll tell you about the Circle of Fortune at the Observatory and the Merchant’s Guild at the Bazaar. This will unlock both locations for you within Maj’Elka!

While in the Upper Districts of Maj’Elka, take the top-left exit to go to the Bazaar or the top-right exit to go to the Observatory.

Joining the Circle of Fortune example

As soon as you reach the hub for the faction you want to join, find the faction leader near the entrance. They will have a marker above their head, making them easy to spot.

Speak to them and choose to join their faction and you’re all set!

If you’re still wondering what these Item Factions do, though, here’s a basic breakdown:

  • Circle of Fortune – This is the self-found faction. They will improve your loot chances and quality, making it easier to find better items by yourself. You can also complete Prophecies to get specific items.
  • Merchant’s Guild – This is the trading faction. Joining them will allow you to perform trades at the Bazaar. You can use the stalls at the Bazaar to either buy or sell items.
Item Factions selection screen

It’s also important to know that your selection isn’t permanent; you can switch factions later on if you want. Your Ranks will be kept even after you switch back and forth!

Nonetheless, now you know how to unlock both of the Item Factions currently available in Last Epoch.

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