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Last Epoch: Best PoE Builds To Try Right Now

For all the PoE fans.




Last Epoch and Path of Exile are 2 completely separate games, but they do happen to share a lot of similarities. PoE has been out for over a decade now, and over the years the game has seen some very iconic builds. So, what if you were to try those builds in Last Epoch.

We look at exactly that, by listing the best PoE builds that can be tried out in Last Epoch. Our list will be looking at what makes the builds so fun, and why you need to try them out. Other than being extremely fun, all builds in this guide are extremely viable too.

Best PoE Builds To Try Right Now

In total, there are 5 builds in this article from 4 different main classes. The classes in the Last Epoch all have varying playstyles, so the builds associated with them are also a bit different.

There isn’t any build for the Acolyte on this list. This isn’t because the Acolyte is weak, it is mainly because the Acolyte doesn’t have a lot of builds that are similar to PoE builds. Acolyte’s playstyle in Last Epoch is fairly unique.

Echo Warpath – Void Knight

echo warpath build gameplay

The first build on our list is a build for the Void Knight. The spin-to-win Echo Warpath build brings the Cyclone builds from PoE into Last Epoch. This build is not only extremely strong, it is also very beginner-friendly.

So, if you are someone who wants a good build that is easy to pilot, the Echo Warpath build for the Void Knight is perfect for you. Your gameplay is focused on spinning endlessly and dealing tons of damage to the enemies surrounding you.

Cold DoT Werebear – Druid

cold dot werebear build gameplay

Our second build is a Druid build that focuses on transforming into a Werebear. Similar to the previous build, you will be able to deal AoE damage around you. Instead of actually having to spin though, the AoE damage you deal will be a passive around you.

The Cold DoT effect around you will deal a good amount of damage, and also immobilize enemies around you. This is extremely useful for this build, as the Werebear isn’t the fastest character in the Last Epoch.

Comparing the build to PoE, the Cold DoT build is extremely similar to Righteous Fury Builds from PoE. So if you are someone who enjoyed that, this build might be something you also enjoy.

Umbral Glaive/Shadow Dagger – Bladedancer

shadow daggers build gameplay

For Trapper build enjoyers in PoE, the best build to go for is a Bladedancer build that focuses on Shadow Daggers. Like all rogue builds, this build places a lot of focus on being extremely fast and dealing critical damage.

The Last Epoch version of the build actually plays much faster than the PoE version. So deal damage like the Trapper’s from PoE, but with a lot more speed and maneuverability. It might be a bit hard to get into this build, but the build is quite versatile.

Cast on Crit Meteor – Sorcerer

cast on crit meteor build gameplay

Some of the most fun builds to play in PoE have to be cast on crit builds, as who doesn’t love cheating out spells without having to cast them? You can do cast on crit build in Last Epoch too, using the Sorcerer class and Meteor spell.

Using the Meteors, you can deal very high damage to bosses and normal enemies alike. The build is also extremely fast-paced for a Sorcerer build, as the crit on hit mechanic allows you to cast loads of Meteors without actually having to cast them.

One thing to keep in mind though is that the build is not at all beginner-friendly. You will need a lot of specific items to make it work properly. When you get the items though, the build is easily one of the strongest in the game.

Smite Hammer – Void Knight

smite hammer build gameplay

The last build on our list is also a Void Knight build, but this one plays very differently in the game. Similar to the last cast-on crit build, this build also utilizes the cast-on mechanic. This time though, you will have cast on hit instead of crit. Cast-on hit is generally easier to make work as there is no crit requirement attached.

The Void Knight is generally considered a very good offensive and defensive class, making this kind of build perfect for it. This build mainly works using Idols that will let you cast Smite on hammer throws.

In terms of how good the build is, it is generally considered one of the best if not the best build in the game. It allows you to deal loads of damage and doesn’t leave you vulnerable while doing so. So, for anyone who enjoys the cast-on mechanic, this build takes it to the next level.

Other than the 5 builds in this list, there are tons of other viable builds in the game. These are just some of the strongest ones that resemble builds from PoE. The endless possibilities in a game like Last Epoch give you a lot of build options.

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