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Which is the Best Class to Pick in Last Epoch?

We’ll help you decide which of the 5 classes to use!




Last Epoch has 5 distinct base classes for you to pick from, and it can be hard to figure out which one is the best for you.

They all are about equally strong, so the best one to pick will ultimately come down to your playstyle. On top of that, though, there are Masteries that allow each class to specialize in different roles.

In this guide, we’ll give you a breakdown of every single base class and their Masteries so that you can see which one best suits your favored playstyle!

Which Is The Best Class For You To Pick

Mage – Magical Powerhouse

Which Is the Best Class to Pick in Last Epoch? - Mage

The token spellcaster for the game, the Mage class is all about using elemental magic to overpower foes. Not extremely resilient in close-range combat, but their spells have a long-range to make up for that.

You’ll need to carefully manage your mana and which elemental spells to use based on the foes you face!

The Mage’s Masteries are as follows:

  • Sorcerer – Pick this Mastery if you want to focus on ranged attacks. You’ll be able to devastate your foes from a distance with powerful elemental magic.
  • Spellblade – If you love playing as a mage while also being strong in melee combat, this is for you. Coat your armaments with powerful magic to enhance their efficiency and give them more versatility.
  • Runemaster – A crafty Mastery that relies on using magical traps. Set down offensive wards to defend against foes, or protective wards to provide support for yourself and your allies.

Rogue – Master Assassin

Which Is the Best Class to Pick in Last Epoch? - Rogue

The Rogue fits the thief archetype character: nimble and capable of high damage, but fairly fragile. You will have to use your mobility to avoid enemy attacks or use your bow to stay out of range entirely.

The hardest class to master in Lost Epoch, but potentially the best in the right hands!

Here’s what you need to know about the Rogue’s Masteries:

  • Bladedancer – The most agile class in the entire game, it allows the Rogue to dash through enemies while slicing them to bits. Pick this if you want to specialize in mobility and melee combat.
  • Marksman – A Mastery that sacrifices combines mobility with the ability to use powerful bow skills. Use your mobility to get out of range from enemies, then pelt them with deadly arrows.
  • Falconer – Even Rogues can get lonely, right? This Mastery will give you your own pet falcon, which will aid you in battle. Use the falcon and a new set of traps to thin the enemy hordes.

Primalist – Become One With Nature

Which Is the Best Class to Pick in Last Epoch? - Primalist

The Primalist is, in many ways, similar to the Druid archetype. In fact, Druid is one of the Primalist’s Masteries! You will use nature’s help to fend off your foes.

You can summon animals as allies, or even transform into one yourself. The Primalist has a strong set of skills that can obliterate enemies and also aid allies.

Here are the Primalist’s 3 Masteries:

  • Shaman – A magically aligned specialization, you will commune with nature to control the elements and wreck your foes. Excels at crowd control and fighting large groups of enemies.
  • Druid – Attune yourself with nature even further, allowing you to transform into a beast. On top of that, you’ll get access to poisonous vines and Spriggans that provide healing.
  • Beastmaster – This Mastery focuses on the Primalist’s abilities to fight in melee combat and summon minions. Extremely sturdy and strong, plus he can work in tandem with his animal minions.

Acolyte – Master of the Dark Arts

Which Is the Best Class to Pick in Last Epoch? - Acolyte

The Acolyte is another magic-focused class, but she’s more of a trickster than the standard mage. Instead of fighting directly, the Acolyte taps into forbidden magic that can curse foes and raise the dead.

You will primarily rely on summoning dark minions, such as reviving dead foes as allies and using dark magics to weaken foes.

These are the 3 Masteries the Acolyte can specialize in:

  • Necromancer – Doubles down on the Acolyte’s ability to summon minions, expanding your repertoire of dark allies. Perfect for when you want others to do the dirty work for you!
  • Lich – If you aren’t too keen on summoning minions to do the work for you, the Lich Mastery will instead allow you to consume the dead. Steal the life of your foes and consume their essence to buff yourself.
  • Warlock – A specialization all about curses and hexes that debilitate your foes, applying debuffs. Additionally, you’ll get new damaging spells that allow you to play as a more direct offensive class.

Sentinel – Stalwart Warrior

Last but not least we have the Sentinel, a class all about being an unflinching melee-focused tank.

The Sentinel is extremely resilient and capable of withstanding heavy attacks that would kill the other classes. On top of that, they can also land devastating melee attacks against the foes that cross them.

Here are the Sentinel’s Masteries:

  • Paladin – A holy knight primarily focused on aiding his allies. You will be able to heal and buff yourself and your pals, while also being able to smite enemies with holy fire.
  • Forge Guard – This Mastery doubles down on the Sentinel’s strengths: tanking hits and dealing physical damage. Your defense and strength will be bolstered even further, making you a true stalwart warrior.
  • Void Knight – An offense-oriented specialization that will allow you to cull hordes of enemies. You’ll gain access to Void attacks, which leave damaging trails that highly damage foes over time.

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