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Last Epoch: Dual Wield vs Two-Handing

Two small swords or one huge sword? It’s so hard to choose!




Most players will eventually reach a point in Last Epoch where they have to decide which is better for their build; dual wield vs two-handing!

Having two swords instead of just one big sword might seem like a no-brainer for some. More weapons = more damage, right? But nope, Last Epoch’s unique mechanics means that things are a tad more nuanced than that.

It can be pretty confusing, but read on and we’ll help break down the difference between both styles to help you figure out what’s best for you.

Dual Wield vs Two-Handing

Last Epoch: Dual Wield vs Two-Handing - Gameplay Screenshot

As it turns out, the differences between dual wield and two-handing are more nuanced than you might first assume in Last Epoch.

At the surface level, dual-wielding might seem better since you would, obviously, get two weapons. This would then mean you get double the Affixes for double the effects!

However, that’s not how it actually works, for one simple reason: two-handed weapons have an inherent buff to all of their Affixes and Implicit stats.

Basically, two-handed just have stronger effects and stats to compensate for their lack of versatility.

Considering that weapons in Last Epoch are essentially just there for their stats, both types of weapons are more alike than you might assume at first glance.

Last Epoch: Dual Wield vs Two-Handing - Gameplay Screenshot

That, on the other hand, also means that both dual-wield and two-handing have their own specific niches.

Dual wield is better if you want a bigger spread of Affixes and don’t mind them being weaker. You can have a lot more effects at once, they just won’t be as strong as they would on a two-handed weapon!

On the other hand, using a two-handed weapon is better if you just want to focus on a smaller set of stronger effects. It’s better for a more focused build!

In short, they each have their place, depending on what type of build you’re going for.

Classes that break the norm

Last Epoch: Dual Wield vs Two-Handing - Gameplay Screenshot

So, while we already established that the choice between dual wield vs two-handing comes down to your build, there are two Classes that are exceptions to the rule.

Which classes are we talking about? Well, the Rogue and Sentinel classes, of course. If you happen to pick either of these classes, your weapon type is already chosen for you!

The Rogue has a lot of inherent skills that require you to dual-wield weapons, so you should avoid two-handing. After all, the Rogue is meant to be played as a speedy and versatile class!

The main exception is if you choose Marksman as your Mastery, as you will be focusing on Bows instead.

The Sentinel, fitting of its status as a bulwark, instead mostly focuses on two-handing weapons. It has a lot of skills that only trigger if you equip a two-handed weapon.

Last Epoch: Dual Wield vs Two-Handing - Gameplay Screenshot

Though, interestingly, the Sentinel also has a lot of skills that only work if you equip a shield. Having a shield counts as neither dual-wielding nor two-handing, but it’s worth mentioning for this class!

So, in short, if you’re playing Rogue you should use dual-wielded weapons. For Sentinel, you might want to either use two-handed weapons or a one-handed weapon combined with a shield.

For every other class, you will just need to decide which type of setup works best for your build. There are no easy answers here, sadly, so you might need to experiment until you figure out what’s best for you!

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