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Diablo 4: Ultimate Melee Rogue DPS Build Guide

Turn your rogue into a powerful assassin that will tear enemies to shreds!




The Rogue is possibly the most versatile class in Diablo 4. It’s perfectly capable of both melee and ranged combat, so you can pick either or a mix of both if you wish.

If you find yourself favoring melee combat and want to deal insanely high DPS, you’ll want to go all in on melee and ignore ranged skills when making a build.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best selection of skills and gear to make a powerful melee-focused Rogue DPS!

Best Build for a Melee DPS Rogue in Diablo 4

Source: BabbleOn

Before we begin, take note that this build is aimed at Level 25 which is the level cap for the Beta. As such, it should work on the upcoming open beta and the final release of the game.

Skill selection is capped at Level 25 due to this. However, this works as a solid guideline you can improve on as you get to higher levels. Just keep getting skills that work in favor of your build.

Anyway, let’s go over the best skills to pick for this build.

Best Skills for a Rogue Melee DPS

Source: BabbleOn

For starters, you will need to pick Invogirating Strike as your Basic Skill.

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Invigorating Strike deals solid damage and also gives a small boost to Energy regeneration, which will let you use Core Skills more! Also, get the Enhanced and Fundamental Invigorating Strike upgrades.

For your Core Skill, you will want to pick Twisting Blades. As you level up, aim to upgrade this to Rank 5/5. It will be your main damage source. Get the Advanced and Enhanced upgrades as well.

Source: BabbleOn

This skill will impale enemies with your blades which will return to you after a while. Its upgrade reduces its cooldown if it hits enemies when returning to you. This will be your main damage dealer!

Next up, we have Agility skills. You don’t really need much here, but you will want to max out the Weapon Mastery skill for some extra damage.

Following that, we have Subterfuge skills. You will want to put 1 point into Concealment and Smoke Grenade. Get Countering Stealth and Countering Smoke Grenade as well.

Concealment is a classic skill for a Rogue archetype. This causes you to vanish for a time, and you can come out of stealth anytime by attacking. The upgrades will make this attack a guaranteed critical hit!

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Smoke Grenade, on the other hand, is a crowd-control tool that dazes enemies. This will give you breathing room but also lets you deal damage without fear of retaliation.

Ice Specialization and Ultimate Skill

Moving on, we have the Imbuement Skills. Put 1 point into Cold Imbuement and work towards its Mixed Cold Imbuement upgrade. Finish up by maxing out Frigid Finesse.

Imbuement will allow you to chill and freeze enemies while Frigid Finnese will let you deal increased damage against them. This is extremely strong, as frozen enemies can’t act and will take huge damage!

Lastly, get Shadow Clone as your Ultimate Skill. This will create a duplicate of your character that will use the same skills for a while. It deals reduced damage, however, but it’s pretty good nonetheless.

Next, we’ll go over what to look for when picking your gear!

Best Gear Modifiers for Best DPS

First off, you want to get any gear that gives extra skill points to any of the skills you previously picked. Even the ones you maxed out already!

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You will also want to be using daggers primarily instead of swords. Here are some of the important modifiers to look for when choosing your equipment:

  • Cold damage increase
  • All damage increase
  • Heal on kill
  • Damage to crowd controlled enemies
  • Damage to close enemies
  • Critical damage increase
  • Critical chance increase

You also want to get Legendary gear that provides bonuses for your skills and playstyle. For example, there are modifiers that will drastically increase your chance to Freeze enemies.

Then, you want to look for any gear that will boost your Primary Resource gain. This is fairly standard, as you will get more Energy so you can spam Twisting Blades more!

If you manage to gear that heals on kill, you will also want to equip anything that gives bonuses on heal. Kill an enemy to heal, which will then trigger another buff!

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