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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Copper

Learn where to find and mine copper to craft various stuff.




Copper is one of the many resources you can find in No Man’s Sky. It’s a chromatic metal primarily used to manufacture advanced technologies.

If you find yourself needing more copper, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will tell you where and how to find it.

How to Find and Mine Copper in No Man’s Sky

Source: Quick Tips

Conveniently, you can see if a planet has copper before you even land on it. A list of materials will show up when you’re in space and hover over a planet.

As shown in the example image above, you can see a list of resources available on a given planet.

Since copper is a very common resource, you should be able to find it on lots of planets, but you should make sure of it before landing.

Once you’ve landed on a planet that you know has copper in it, you will need to check your Analysis Visor.

Source: Quick Tips

You can access it by pressing the corresponding button on your controller or keyboard. These are the different default buttons on each platform:

  • PC – F Key
  • Xbox Controller – Left Trigger
  • PlayStation Controller – L2
  • Switch – ZL
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Look around with your visor until you spot a Copper marker. Look at it for a couple of seconds and a prompt to tag it will appear. Just press the button shown on the screen to tag it.

The marker should now appear when not using your visor. All that’s left to do is to run toward the marked spot!

Source: Quick Tips

Once you reach the Copper node, switch your Multi-Tool to Terrain Manipulator mode. You can check your current mode and the button to switch on the top right of the screen.

Note that you will need to keep your Multi-Tool charged, which you can do from your inventory anytime. You can also only mine Copper with the Terrain Manipulator mode.

The only thing left is to blast away at the Copper deposit to mine the resource! Now, you can get copper anytime you want!

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