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Diablo 4: Call of the Ancients Quest Guide

Explore a demon-infested glacier and help the Bear Tribe!




Call of the Ancients is one of the many quests in Diablo 4 which is part of the Bear Tribe questline. It will task you with helping Chieftain Glous explore the dangerous Glacial Tunnels.

If you need help with this quest, this guide will walk you through every step!

How to Complete the Call of the Ancients Quest in Diablo 4

Source: LunarGaming Guides

To start this quest, you must speak with Bear Tribe Chieftain Glous. You can find him in the Bear Tribe Refuge in the Fractured Peaks region.

You will also need to complete the “Hammer of the Grizzly” quest first.

After your conversation, agree to help him, and you will be tasked with entering the Hallowed Glacier. This is marked on your mini-map which is northeast of where you speak with Glous.

Explore the Glacial Tunnels

Source: LunarGaming Guides

As you enter the Hallowed Glacier, you will then have to explore the Glacial Tunnels.

To complete this part of the quest, go through the dungeon until you find an Elite sorcerer demon. Glous will mention that this demon bars the way and must be taken down.

While there are multiple paths, they all lead to the same destination with no real difference. Pick any path and continue heading northeast to find the shaman.

Take down this annoying demon with the help of the chieftain, and you will gain access to the next section of the dungeon afterward.

Explore the Bloodsoaked Tunnel

Source: LunarGaming Guides

After you take down the sorcerer demon, climb down to the second level of the glacial dungeon called the Blood Soaked Glacier. You will now need to “explore the Bloodsoaked Tunnel with Chieftain Glous”.

You will also need to find a Bloodstone. This is hidden in the Blood Soaked Glacier and is protected by an elite demon. You’ll need it to open a door later on.

From the entrance to this level of the dungeon, take the path heading southeast. Keep going in the same direction. Eventually, you will reach the southeastern corner and find a path heading northeast.

Go through this path into a pair of large rooms.

The second room has an elite demon guarding the Bloodstone; take it out with the help of the Chieftain. After that, pick up the Bloodstone and bring it back to the pedestal by the large door.

Return the Bloodstone to the Bloodstone Pedestal

With the Bloodstone in your possession, return to the entrance of the Blood Soaked Glacier level.

Once you reach the entrance, head northeast until you can climb down to the Depraved Tunnels.

In the Depraved Tunnels, continue down the only path until you reach another room, then take the path northwest. After going through this small path, you will be in yet another room.

Take the path northeast yet again to find a gigantic locked door. Place the Bloodstone on the pedestal to open it. Now get ready to face the boss to finish this quest.

Slay Cyhrach

Go through the large door to enter a big round chamber. Speak with the Bear Tribe shaman who is tied to the floor in the middle of the room.

After the conversation, you will get to face the final boss for this quest: Cyhrach!

Cyhrach is a powerful sorcerer who can pelt you with his spells. On top of that, he’s capable of summoning ghostly minions to attack you.

Don’t ignore his minions when fighting him. It’s recommended to use Area of Effect attacks so that you can deal damage to the minions and the boss at the same time.

You also have the help of Chieftain Glous who uses his Druid abilities when fighting. This will make the boss a tad easier.

Once the boss goes down, speak with the Bear Tribe shaman again. Call of the Ancients will be marked as completed as soon as the conversation ends.

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