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How To Increase Bond Levels In Fire Emblem Engage

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how to increase bond levels in fire emblem engage

Sometimes you don’t feel like progressing the story just yet, why even do this when you’re at a good point to take a break in-game? There’s a plethora of things that you can do that doesn’t involve the main story like visiting Café Terrace, shopping for vanity items at the Boutique, or increasing your bond levels with your party members! In almost any self-respecting RPG game there will always be some sort of option that allows you to further interact with your party members and Fire Emblem Engage is no stranger to that. So we’ll go right ahead and show you how to do just that in this guide!

Fire Emblem Engage | How To Increase Bond Levels

At first you can reach a maximum of level 10 Bond using your Emblem Rings. Every Emblem Ring you get at the start won’t go past level 10. But don’t worry! As you progress the story you will get missions to increase the bond with the character of your choice further.

how to increase bond levels in fire emblem engage2

One of the more straightforward things you can do to increase the Bond Level a party member has with their Emblem Ring is to, well. Polish it! Yes, oddly enough that is more than enough to increase your Bond Level. You can do this at the Ring Chamber.

You can also create rings at the Ring Chamber using bond fragments if you’re experiencing a shortage of Emblem Rings for your party members. Remember, you can’t have an Emblem Ring and a Bond Ring equipped simultaneously as they use the same slot!

how to increase bond levels in fire emblem engage3

Be on the lookout for Paralogue missions! As your Bond level is capped at first it would be in your best interest to clear these along the way as they remove the bond level restriction on your characters. They’re marked as purple gems on your map.

Don’t forget to do Emblem Training as well! You can do this by going to the Arena in Somniel, this can be done numerous times to increase your Bond level at the cost of Bond Fragments. And that’s how you increase your Bond Levels in Fire Emblem Engage. Go ahead and try it for yourself the next time you feel like increasing your stats!

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