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How To Create Bond Rings In Fire Emblem Engage

One ring to rule them all!

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how to create bond rings in fire emblem engage

You’ve upgraded your weapons, you’ve done all the farming and questing imaginable without progressing the story as you want to have an edge over your opponents by simply having better stats, and you’ve petted Sommie for all the Bond Fragments you can get for gear. Now it’s time to think about Bond Rings, in case you missed them or neglected them in favor of Emblem Rings. You can’t equip everyone with those at the start as they’re difficult to come by so we’ll teach you how to squeeze out all the stats you can in this guide on by creating Bond Rings!

Fire Emblem Engage | How To Create Bond Rings

So if you have any active party members that you’re fond off who aren’t wearing any Emblem Rings yet, then Bond Rings are your next best option. They offer decent stat boosts and can be merged together to create another ring of better quality.

how to create bond rings in fire emblem engage2

You can tell the difference between a Bond Ring and an Emblem Ring by looking at your party members. They have a ring that has a brighter glow along with a colored rock on it? That’s an Emblem Ring. Bond Rings have none of these and are smaller in size.

To start making your own set of Bond Rings head over to the Ring Chamber, you’ll be able to gain access to it after Chapter 4. Activate the Central Pedestal and choose Create Bond Rings, you can create one in exchange for 100 bond fragments. If you feel lucky go for the bigtime and roll using 1000 bond fragments instead.

how to create bond rings in fire emblem engage3

Yes you heard us right, we used the word “roll” This functions like a Japanese mobile game where you side with none other than Lady Luck herself. The only difference is you don’t need to worry about losing real money every time you create one!

If you have any bond fragments left then keep on rolling and see if you can get an S-ranked ring as they have more passive bonuses compared to lower tier rings. These bonuses include stats like Strength, Dexterity, or Speed. It all depends on the rank of the item.

how to create bond rings in fire emblem engage4

If you have too many bronze ones then this is the perfect time to Meld your Bond Rings. You upgrade the ring to a higher rank without the worry of wasting your Bond Fragments on a ring you already have. You still have to use at least a 100 fragments to meld and the cost goes up depending on the rank of the item.

how to create bond rings in fire emblem engage5

Remember, you need to have two of the same item if you want to upgrade your rings and the higher the rarity, the more stat bonuses it will have! Now go and try it out yourself, those rings won’t melt on their own you know!

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