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Where To Find The Stable In Fire Emblem Engage

The carrot’s sticking out!

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where to find the stable in fire emblem engage

One of the many things you can do in Fire Emblem Engage is to pet Sommie at the grotto or take care of the animals that you find in the wild. If they’re not at home safe from the harshness of the battlefield then they’re probably at the battlefield fighting by your side. But that can get tiring sometimes so you just want to relax and stand next to them, who doesn’t? Almost every game has a cute animal you can interact with as it takes the stress out of thinking about how much money you’ve spent at the Boutique! In this guide we’ll show you where to find the Stable if you’re ever thinking about spending time with your furry friends.

Fire Emblem Engage | Where To Find The Stable

We’ve mentioned how animals can assist you in battles earlier, if you want more to show up then you will have to donate more to the region that you’re interested in. You can see more of them in great detail by interacting with the Bulletin Board at Café Terrace.

where to find the stable in fire emblem engage2

You can find the Stable at the eastern side of the map just behind the Smithy. You’ll gain access to the Stable upon completing Chapter 4, make sure that you’ve adopted at least one animal first. None of them will show up here if you haven’t yet!

Five animals can stay here at a time depending on what you need. For example you can farm Iron from Dogs, Milk from Elyosian Sheep, Carp from Cats, and so on! Keep that in mind the next time you ever think about wanting to upgrade your weapons at the Smithy as some of the materials you can get from your pets can definitely help you out a lot.

where to find the stable in fire emblem engage3

Remember to keep an eye out for animals that you can adopt the next time you head out as the materials they offer can really help you getting powerful weapons early on! Now that you know where the stable is go out there and start exploring! Don’t gift horse manure to the people you meet!

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