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How To Upgrade Weapons In Fire Emblem Engage

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how to upgrade weapons in fire emblem engage

It hasn’t been a week but it wouldn’t be a surprise if Fire Emblem Engage players have already put in more than hundreds of hours’ worth of time in-game. As for tradition it’s completely natural or even expected that there would be questions on how to get things done. Of course one of the many things you would prioritize is upgrading your weapons and take down as many Corrupted as you can. It’s a JRPG after all so there’s no greater feeling than seeing big numbers get even bigger. In this guide we’ll walk you through on how to upgrade you gear as early as possible!

Fire Emblem Engage | How To Upgrade Weapons

Once you get through Chapter 5 the game will give you access to the Smithy, you can find her at The Plaza on the floating fortress of The Somniel where you can find a wide range of other shops. Two new merchants should become available here as well.

how to upgrade weapons in fire emblem engage2

Talk to the Smithy and choose refine, you can improve or upgrade your weapon by trading in materials and gold to strengthen the item of your choice. You can alter a weapon by engraving it with the power of an Emblem as well. You can apply each Emblem to one weapon at a time.

how to upgrade weapons in fire emblem engage3

Each weapon can be refined and enhanced to five levels, most upgrades are pretty minor when it comes to power or range, but you’ll get more later as you progress! Pay the necessary amount of gold to get your upgrade.

how to upgrade weapons in fire emblem engage4

Now on to engraving. With the markings of an Emblem Ring you can add a unique stat modification to your weapon at the cost of bond fragments. This shouldn’t be a problem as bond fragments are handed out to you often in the early game. Go ahead and see which works for you! And that’s it! You now know how to upgrade your weapons in Fire Emblem Engage, that’s one less thing to worry about given that you still have to pick up pieces of your past.

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