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How To Unlock Inherit Skills In Fire Emblem Engage

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how to unlock inherit skills in fire emblem engage

Enough is never enough! You’ve come to terms with this the moment you glued your hands to your Switch and started playing Fire Emblem Engage. Given that this is an RPG with lots of numbers involved, it is only natural that you want to get all the stat buffs that the sun can shine on before you push on because upgrading weapons and increasing your bond levels clearly isn’t enough. If that’s what you’re after then you came to the right place! In this guide we’ll dive in once again and mess with your party’s stats by teaching you how Inheriting Skills work.

Fire Emblem Engage | How To Unlock Inherit Skills

First you’re going to want to make Inheriting Skills available to you. If you just cleared Chapter 4 then go to the Ring Chamber you just unlocked and approach the Central Pedestal to get started.

how to unlock inherit skills in fire emblem engage2

In order to Inherit Skills you’re going to need a certain amount of SP depending on what you want to get for your unit. You earn SP by participating in battles and skirmishes. If you haven’t progressed through the game that much yet then you can focus on getting skills that cost at least 1000 SP.

how to unlock inherit skills in fire emblem engage3

We would recommend saving up for the higher SP cost however as the bonuses that each skill offers does not stack. For example Magic 2 costs 1000SP and grants you Mag+2 where Magic 3 costs 3000 SP and gives you Mag+3. If you get that you will no longer have the benefits of Magic 2. Just something to keep in mind if you want to be cost efficient. Remember, in order to do all of this you need to interact with the Central Pedestal in the newly unlocked Ring Chamber the first chance you can get. When you get the Inherited skill you want the next thing you should do is equip it. You can do this by going to your Inventory and selecting Manage Skills.

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