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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Upgrade Your House

Tired of your junky-looking house? Come read and learn on how to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley.




Gameloft released a new sim-type, adventure game that you can enjoy playing whether you are a console or a PC player. Enjoy the magic of friendships with different Disney and Pixar characters and challenge yourself with the quest as you go on the story.

Aside from the magical adventures, Disney Dreamlight Valley also lets you be creative in upgrading and decorating your own house. It might be confusing for you to upgrade your house for the first time, that’s why we are here to help you.

This guide will help you know that thing you have to do before you can upgrade and on how to upgrade your own house.

How to Upgrade Your House in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Just like in real life, upgrading your house is also as important as it is in-game. You have to expand the space to accommodate all your needs and to provide you more comfort. However, it is true that upgrading one’s house is not an easy task. There are lots of materials needed to be completed, and sometimes, a hefty amount of money.

But in Disney Dreamlight Valley, believe it or not, you will not be required to gather usual building materials such as woods, nails, etc. The only thing you should work on is find gems. But before that, you should first trigger the quest which will ask you to upgrade your house.

How to Unlock Dreamlight Valley Economy 101

To start off, go to the Plaza and look for Scrooge McDuck. When you talk to Scrooge, your quest Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 will start.

In this task, your first objective will be selling any type of gems to Goofy. You can find gems by breaking rocks using your pickaxe. Different rocks will give you different types of gems. Once you collected a total of seven gems of any type, proceed to Goofy in the Peaceful Meadows.

Interact with Goofy by walking next to his stall and select check. By doing this, Goofy will talk to you and will ask your motive. Select the sell option. After that, a list of all the items you have will be shown on the screen. Select seven gems that you want to sell.

After you finish this objective by selling your gems to Goofy, a new one will trigger. You have to go back and talk to Scrooge in the Plaza. In your conversation, he will ask you to use your Dreamlight Coins in upgrading your house.

When you are done talking to Scrooge, head to your house on the west side of the Plaza. As you enter your house, you will see the elevator on the left—it is the fancy-looking platform with a moon design. Step on it and a check prompt will appear. Select it, then click expand.

A wide area with a label House Expansion will appear on the screen. Click expand and confirm it. The next thing you will know, your house became more spacious than before.

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