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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Sell Items

Learn how to sell items in the game.




Disney Dreamlight Valley is a brand new game, and is still in its early access phase. So, what is can you expect from Disney Dreamlight Valley? It is actually a cross between life-sim and adventure games, and is filled with quests, explorations, and more, featuring characters found in Disney and Pixar.

We are going to show you how you can sell items in the game.

How to Sell Items in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The main story of the game will give you the task to restore the Dreamlight Valley to its former glory, and stop the dark force called the Forgetting. You are going to help Disney and Pixar characters found in the valley’s Dream Castle.

It has the same system similar to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Nook Miles Program. You are going to wield Dreamlight magic that can be used to clear away night thorns, complete quests, and obtain items. You can sell these items by through the Stall.

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Selling items

To obtain the Stall, you need to find Goofy and do a Fishing quest for him. When you finish this quest, go to Goofy’s stall. Interact with the sign, which prompts you to build the stall. If you have already built the stall, interact by pressing the E key.

Goofy will then appear and talk to you. Select the second option “Sell.” Pick the items you want to sell to Goofy and obtain money. Upgrading the stall will improve the things that Goofy buys and sells.

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