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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Fish Sandwich

Make a fish sandwich to complete a certain quest.




The characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley give you quests when you level up your Friendship level with them, and completing these quests rewards you with Dreamlight, furniture, clothes, or an upgrade. One of the quests Mickey is going to give you needs a Fish Sandwich, and we are going to show you how you can make the dish.

How to Make a Fish Sandwich in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you reach Friendship level 3 with Mickey, he is going to give you the quest “Missing Minnie.,” where you need to cook 2 meals for the picnic. You are going to cook a Fish Sandwich and a Crudite.

Making a Fish Sandwich

Making these dishes is relatively easy, but only problem with the quest “Missing Minnie” is that you are not given a recipe for the meals that you need to cook.

To make a Fish Sandwich, you need fish and wheat.

To obtain the fish, you need to fish in bodies of water. Getting wheat is a bit tricky, but it’s easy. Purchase wheat seed from Goofy’s Stall and plant it. Harvest the wheat once grown. If you cannot find wheat seed from Goofy’s Stall, it means you need to upgrade it.

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If you have procured all the ingredients, proceed to your cooking station and put 1 fish and wheat to make a Fish Sandwich. Do this twice as the quest needs 2 Fish Sandwiches.

A Fish Sandwich can be eaten to restore your energy, or you can sell it in Goofy’s Stall in exchange for Star Coins.

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