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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find Worms | Burying the Eel

Complete the quest by finding worms.




In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the characters in the game give you various benefits, which can range from upgrading your tools, giving out clothes or furniture, unlocking quests, and many more.

One of these quests is Burying the Eel, where you need to find worms. This article is going to show you how it’s done.

How to Find Worms, Burying the Eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Burying the Eel is the quest given by Maui when you reach Friendship level 2 with him. Before getting this quest, you must first invite Maui to the valley.

You can unlock him in Moana’s Realm, which costs 3,000 Dreamlight inside the Dream Castle. Take note that you need to invite Moana first to obtain Maui. The quest needs you to find worms.

Obtaining the Worms for the Burying the Eel Quest

Go to Goofy and ask him how to catch some Eels by choosing the Burying the Eel option in your conversation. He then tells you to craft a trap to put worms as bait, and the best location for that is near the dock on the beach.

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He also mentions that the worms can be found near the ponds located in the Meadow. Bring out your shovel and go to the ponds near the Meadow.

Dig glowing spots on the ground near the area to obtain worms. You need 3 worms for the quest. Digging 1 spot does not have a guaranteed worm, so you need to dig a couple of times.

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