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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find Falling Water

Obtain the Falling Water to complete a certain quest.




There are areas in Disney Dreamlight Valley that need to be unlocked using Dreamlight. But, not everything in the area can be explored after unlocking it. Some can be blocked by an object or a plant, which requires you to upgrade your Royal Tool to remove them.

One of the quests for upgrading your Royal Tool needs an item called Falling Water, and we are going to show you where to find and obtain it.

How to Find Falling Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Final Trial is a quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley that helps you upgrade your Royal Watering Can. This tool is your key to removing the mushrooms blocking the bridge in Glade of Trust. To get this quest, you need to reach Friendship Level 10 with Merlin and invite WALL-E to your valley.

You are going to need 3 ingredients, and one of them is Falling Water.

Falling Water can be obtained in the location indicated by a circle in the picture above. Go close to the river and interact with it. An item is going to pop out and drop on the ground. Get close to it to receive the Falling Water.

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The quest to get the ingredients for the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment is the second task in The Final Trial quest. After gathering all of the ingredients, you can now then craft the ointment on the crafting table.

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