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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find Burned Logs

Find out where you can find Burned Logs in Disney Dreamlight Valley.




In Disney Dreamlight Valley you will find many characters from Disney’s fairy tales, you will have to solve many quests and win a lot of rewards before you finish your journey through this magical adventure.

This game is anything but boring, as you will discover as soon as you step into the village and start solving quests.

In this guide, you will find out step by step how to complete the Leaving the Woods Behind quest.

So, let’s start with this guide.

Guide for Completing The Leaving the Woods Behind Quest – Step by Step

The first step you have to do is speak to Kristoff and do him a favor, which is to help him make a Soap.

In order to make some Soap, you have to get the Burned Logs that are in Kristoff’s old campfire in the Forest of Valor.

The Burned Logs are located near the steps to the Frosted Heights.

After you collect Burned Logs, you must grind them into the Ashes at a Crafting Station.

To complete this challenge, after visiting the Crafting Station you must go to the Cooking Station where you will need to “cook” the Ashes to create Lye. When you bring Lye to Kristoff, you’ll need to collect the Oil needed for Soap.

When you have collected all the materials, take them to the Crafting Station and make some Carrot Soap for Kristoff.

Congratulations, you completed this quest and your reward is waiting for you!

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