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X4 Foundations: How to Build a Station

As your business will thrive in X4 Foundations, you might want to finally own your own space station. But how do you build one?




One of the most interesting things you can do in X4 Foundations is build your own station. But, the process is rather complicated and will require a lot of time and effort.

How to Build a Station in X4 Foundations

The first things you’ll need to construct a station are blueprints of the modules it will consist of. The easiest way to get those is by buying them from faction representatives at the faction’s main stations, but you can also obtain some from Data Leaks and Space Suit EMPs.

To build a station, you’ll need to have at least a dock module and a pier module blueprint. Note that different factions sell different modules.

Creating a Plot

How to Build a Station in X4 Foundations

Now that you have the blueprints, you can start planning the construction of the station. Choose a sector on the map that will correspond with the type of station you’re building and pick the “manage plot” option from the map menu.

Legal and Illegal Stations

How to Build a Station in X4 Foundations

Now, if you press the “create a new plot” button, a green square should appear next to the mouse icon. This is your plot. Place it wherever you want the station to be built. Now, if you want the station to be in the system legally – meaning the authorities won’t attack it – you’ll need to pay for a license. You can change the size of your plot, but bigger plots will cost more. But, you can simply continue the construction without paying, but you risk an attack on it that way.

Planning the Construction

How to Build a Station in X4 Foundations

Now, you can right-click on the plot you have and choose the “plan build” option. Now, in the building screen, you can use the modules you’ve bought to create a plan of your base. The modules will automatically snap to each other if you can connect one to the other. Some modules can also be equipped with shields and turrets, by clicking the edit buttons next to the module list. Of course, you’ll need to own those things first

Hiring Workers

Of course, each model costs resources, but these will be important once you’ll begin construction. This can be done once you hire workers, which can be done by using the last option on the right of the screen. Pressing it will take you to the map screen, from where you can pick a work crew to build your station. Once you’ll do, the modules will be constructed in the order you’ve placed them in.

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