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The Cycle Frontier: Best Materials to Loot | Materials Tier List

With limited inventory space, it might be difficult to decide what to pick up. This list should tell you which materials are worth taking.




There are so many materials in Cycle Frontier it might be hard to keep track of what’s useful. Though it’s hard to say what each player will need, this list should give you an idea of what you should look for and what you can ignore.

The list works like this – the best items are either very rare or are simply too useful not to take them, good materials are of varying rarity but can almost always find a use, average materials are usually useful only for specific things (like contracts) but can be pretty rare and mostly useless items only have one or two uses in the game, other than being exchanged for money.

Best Materials to Loot in Cycle Frontier

Best Materials to Loot in Cycle Frontier

These should be picked up whenever you get a chance. Not all are super rare but all are very useful.

  1. Crusher Hides
  2. Crusher Heads
  3. Portable Labs
  4. Meteor Core
  5. Veltecite Heart
  6. Dustbloom
  7. Charged Spinal Base
  8. Gyroscopes
  9. Master Unit CPU
  10. Charged Brightcaps
  11. Medical Supplies
  12. Rattler Heads
  13. Rattler Skin
  14. Shock Absorbers
  15. Pure Focus Crystals
  16. Smart Mesh
  17. Keycards
  18. Print Resin
  19. Shard Splicer
  20. Textiles

Good Materials

A lot of those are items you’ll need in high quantities for crafting, or for high-paying contracts.

  1. Old Medicine
  2. Old Currency
  3. DNA Samplers
  4. Indigenous Fruit
  5. Meteor Fragments
  6. Blue Runner Egg
  7. Spinal Base
  8. Marauder Head
  9. Autoloader
  10. Pure Veltecite
  11. Zero Systems CPU
  12. Miniature Reactors
  13. Polymetallic Prefabricate
  14. Hardened Metals
  15. Focus Crystals
  16. Titan Ore
  17. Brightcaps
  18. Scrap Metal
  19. Hardened Bones
  20. Toxic Glands
  21. Spinal Bases
  22. Metallic Alloys
  23. Hydraulic Piston
  24. Compound Sheets
  25. Derelict Explosives
  26. Brittle Titan Ore
  27. Nickel Ore

Average Materials

These are usually either used for specific contracts, base upgrades, or weight little enough to carry to the end of the mission and sell whenever you encounter them.

  1. Jewelry
  2. Circuit Boards
  3. Resin Guns
  4. Data Drives
  5. Clear Velteicite
  6. Strider Heads
  7. Strider Flesh
  8. Azure Tree Barks
  9. Interactive Screens
  10. Magnetic Field Stabilizer
  11. Cloudy Veltecite
  12. Pale Ivy Blossoms
  13. Waterweed Filaments
  14. Copper Wires
  15. Ball Bearings
  16. Salvaged Insulation

Mostly Useless Materials

These are materials that can be mostly ignored, as what you can do with them usually has a simpler and cheaper alternative. These include:

  1. Crusher Flesh
  2. Marauder Flesh
  3. “Fusion Cartridge” Batteries
  4. Rattler Eyes
  5. Cotech Multitool
  6. “Magic Growth” Fertilizers
  7. Nutritional Bars
  8. Electric Cables
  9. Radio Equipment
  10. Optical Glass
  11. Flawed Veltecite

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