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Vampire Survivors: How To Get 8 Accessories

If you have no choice but to fight a horde of monsters, might as well go down in style.

Iris Ruiz



Hunting for weapons and accessories while trying to dodge and go through a mob of medusa heads is normal in Vampire Survivors. Getting 6 of them should be easy enough but what about 8? If you’d like to complete all the weapons and accessories in this game, then these two accessories are a must for your collection.

How To Get 8 Accessories – Vampire Survivors

Dodge and fight your way through the various levels to gather 6 accessories before attempting the next steps. Make sure to upgrade your weapons and existing accessories as you go by to make this attempt easier.

One thing to remember is to NOT get the Cross or Pentagram scale as these will destroy the accessories that we’ll be getting before you can even grab them. It would be better to practice dodging and firing as well as have good map awareness so you won’t get nicked by any of the enemies on sight.

Once you get your 6th accessory, In the library, head to the left hand side of the map to get the Empty Tome. This would be the 7th accessory you can get in the game. It would require a lot of dodging and maneuvers considering an array of Medusa heads and other monsters would be heading towards you.

After you get the Tome, start making yourself to the right hand side of the map, making sure to continuously fire around and move while dodging. The last accessory would be the Stone Mask located on the same map.

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