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Vampire Survivors: Best Gold Farming Method

How to farm the most gold!?




Today we have a treat for Vampire Survivors lovers as we bring to you the guide for the best gold farming method. Yes, it is definitely broken and needs nerfing. But until that happens, here is how you can farm gold as much as you’d like in a few simple steps.

Let’s begin!

Vampire Survivors: How to Farm Gold?

Source: Steam

In order to farm gold in the most effective way possible inVampire Survivors, you will need a character called Sammy. Note that you need to enable Hyper, Arcanas, Inverse and Endless options. Once this is done, head over to the merchant and get the “Disco of Gold” Arcana.

This item gives you the ability to restore HP when picking up gold and triggering Gold Fever along the way. The stages we recommend you play for gold farming in this case are:

  • Boss Rash – 91mil
  • Tiny Bridge – 101 mil
  • Gallo Tower – 102 mil
  • Lake Foscari – 105 mil
  • Mt. Moonspell – 107 mil
  • The Bone Zone – 107 mil
  • Inlaid Library – 111 mil
  • Mad Forest – 112 mil
  • Cappella Magna – 118 mil
  • Dairy Plant – 119 mil
  • Abyss Foscari – 131 mil
  • Moongolow – 133 mil
  • Il Molise – 136 mil
  • Bat Country – 204 mil

With this, you are ready to farm. Head on in and start collecting some coins. Note that numbers will vary from player to player.

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