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Vampire Survivors: All You Need to Know About the New Update | New Stage Bone Zone, New Character, and More

Vampire Survivors has just released a new update that brings a lot of new amazing stuff to the game.




Vampire Survivors is a roguelike RPG that was released in early access back in December 2021. Not long ago, the devs released a new update with a ton of stuff waiting for players to uncover. Let’s find out what the new update brings.

All You Need to Know About the New Update in Vampire Survivors

Quite possibly the major content released in this new update is a new hard challenge stage aptly named The Bone Zone. Basically, your Gold Bonus is increased by 100% in this new area, but you won’t be getting any item drops and the enemies you encounter will become stronger over time.

Apart from the new area, the new update also features a new character which is a dog that farts? flowers as a means of attacking enemies, a new weapon, two new Arcanas, one more rank for Reroll and Skip powerups, and a few tweaks here and there.

Tweaks and Bug Fixes

One of the most notable tweaks the developers have done is the toggle option which is available in Stage Selection that allows you to disable Arcanas. You’re also now given the chance to pick your first Arcana at random. Lastly, there were a few bug fixes including Phieraggi now being affected by Arcana V as well as an extra backup system for your save data.

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