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Vampire Survivors: New Update Preview | New Character “Concetta”, Spikes, Blowtorch, Big Arenas

Vampire Survivors’ Patch 0.5.2 introduces a new character alongside a handful of new content, some tweaks, and a bugfix.




Vampire Survivors is undoubtedly one of the best gaming deals you could ever come across, and the recent patch has made it even bigger than it was. The developer is actively rolling out new updates to bring in more characters and features into the game. The latest patch, which is Patch 0.5.2, introduces a new character named Concetta as well as a few other features.

Let’s have a look at what this patch has to offer.

New Update Preview in Vampire Survivors

As with every patch, the major highlight would be on the newly released character. This time around, it will be a guitar-wielding batwoman who goes by the name of Concetta Caciotta. Concetta starts with a new weapon called Shadow Pinion which even has an evolution from the get-go.

Not only that, but the Gatti Amari also received a new animation. As for Concetta herself, she has a passive bonus that lets her gain 1% Area every level, and this doesn’t come with any hard limit. Aside from that, she also gets a 20% movement speed and a 10% curse bonus.

While she starts out rather weak, with her passive bonus being outclassed by the likes of Porta Ladonna, it won’t be until she hits level 31 that she starts to shine. Due to the uncapped nature of her passive bonus, weapons such as Song of Mana, Santa Water, and Garlic can be quite effective the higher her level.

To unlock Concetta, you’ll have to find her on the Gallo Tower map first. When you arrive at the map, head upwards on the left side until you come across a mirror. Simply go near the mirror to warp you to her coffin. Take care of all the enemies, and she will then come out of the coffin while playing a guitar riff alongside a Mario reference.

Other Updates

Aside from the aforementioned updates, the new patch also introduces two new Arcanas as well as some game tweaks. There’s the new Gilder Clover item which lets you gain an insane amount of gold, thanks to its “gold fever” effect.

This pairs perfectly with the new Arcanas: Disco of Gold gives you a chance to trigger another gold fever rush, and the Boogaloo of Illusions will shrink and expand the Area between -25 and +50% for a duration of 10 seconds.

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